Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An interview with....

A potty trainer... So Macy is going on two weeks being potty trained and since the second day we have had NO ACCIDENTS. She is a pro. I can't tell you how wonderful it is not to have to change a POOPY diaper or ANY diaper. We are so proud of her. She still likes me to come into the bathroom with her when she goes to the potty and usually I get a "play by play" of exactly what is taking place. It normally goes something like this (sorry if this offends you)

Also, look who I found sitting on my front porch yesterday.

It's Raggedy Ann and the CUTEST Raggedy Ann I have EVER seen at that (besides when Madeline was Raggedy Ann for Halloween when she was two). We went and got Madeline's costume today and she is so excited about it. Maybe I'll give you a few clues leading up to Halloween. Be watching for clues and make your guesses. Clue #1. The costume was made for a girl. Any ideas?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Prayer Request...

As you know, I have a friend (our AWESOME Photographers wife) who is pregnant with triplets after doing IVF. They went in to her routine appointment today and they decided to check her cervix which they found was already opening (way open, according to her husband) They sent her straight over to Labor and Delivery at the hospital to have a cerclage put in (stitching close of the cervix) first thing in the morning. She will be on 100% bed rest from this point on. She is at 16 weeks right now so it will be a long road ahead but she is willing to do whatever is best for her sweet babies. Please keep them in your prayers as they struggle with a lot of new obstacles. Thank you and I will keep you all posted. You can read about her journey on her page www.mylife.ericajoyce.com. (I can't get it to hyperlink) It's the Jaggaers family on my blog list. Thank you my prayer warriors!!

A MUST see...so I hear!!

Many fellow bloggers and friends have highly recommended the movie Fireproof. Many went this weekend to see it and said it was AMAZING. If you are thinking of getting married, engaged to be married, newly married, in the mid years of marriage, or an old pro you need to see this movie. We all have difficult times in our marriages. No marriage is perfect (and if yours is, can you give me the secret). Make your husbands go with you. I am planning on going sometime this weekend or weekend to see it. I can't wait. We need to support this movie as Christians. Here is the trailer in case you haven't heard about the movie.


If you've already seen it. Let me know what you thought about it. I'm so excited!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My little Mess....

Ok, these were too darn cute not to share....

Macy got into Madeline's play lipstick while I was fixing Madeline's hair. This was the after product.

I believe we have a little comedian on our hands. She thought she was so funny. These are the glasses that go to her Mrs. Potato Head.

I often wonder what my life was like before God gave me these Two precious angels. VERY BORING!!! HA!

My GOD is SO GOOD!!!

This is the view that I got to wake up to early on Saturday morning. My Maker makes nothing more beautiful than an open piece of land with a beautiful sunrise. I could feel his presences in this moment. I am in AWE when I think of My HEAVENLY FATHER. My GOD is GOOD!!
If you read my previous post you know that this weekend was the Women's retreat with my church. I look forward to this weekend every year. There is nothing like spending a weekend with WOMEN who LOVE our GOD. We all had a great time worshiping, praising, and being broken before our Father. This weekend's theme was Radiance . We talked about being broken before the father and allowing his grace and glory to SHINE through us in our walk. We must unveil our faces and be transformed. In 2 Corinthians it says, "And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." We all have struggles, some big, some not so big but if we appear broken before our Father he promises us he will carry us through. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. I have a peace knowing that no matter what I'm going through I can always count on HIM.
We all got a bag with a coffee mug in it. We discussed being broken, what it meant, and if we have things that need to be brought to father we come to him broken in a million pieces and slowly he will put those pieces back together as long as we trust in him always and together we can be whole again. Each one of us prayed and then threw our mug on the ground and shattered it in tiny pieces. This helped give us a visual of just what the father sees in us. When we get home we are to put that mug back together and keep it as a reminder that we aren't perfect. When you get that mug back together there are going to be cracks, there are going to be pieces that didn't fit just right and there will be holes where missing pieces go. In this we see that if we as Christians don't have those holes and cracks then people will never be able to see Jesus on the inside. We have to have those cracks and holes so Jesus can shine through us.
Overall, it was a WONDERFUL weekend. We had lots of praising, lots of eating, and lots of fun. I can't wait till next year.
Here are a few pictures from the weekend. It was in Van, Texas at Sky Ranch. This was a very cool place with lots to do. I would have loved church camp here when I was a kid.

Our Room...

Me and My neighbor/best friend Kristie. She's my God send.

Another picture of God's beautiful creation.

A view of the lake.

Yes, I know this is a scary picture. Kristie and I before we did the zip line. It was SO MUCH fun.
I'm going to leave each of you with a challenge. Allow yourselves to be broken before God. Let others see Jesus shine from you. Have a great week!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just another BEFORE and AFTER...

I was looking through a group of pictures on a fellow bloggers page of Galveston and surrounding areas after IKE hit and found this picture. This is as IKE was appraoching...

Here is the same fishing pier BEFORE IKE decided to show up......

I'm still so amazed when I see the pictures and recognize parts of them and see all the devastation. I can't imagine how long it will take Galveston to clean up. Many have asked about the beach house. Word is, it is still standing. I don't know how but we've heard it's still there. I don't know how much damage is sustained though.
I am still keeping all of the people in south Texas in my prayers.

I'll be a way for the weekend. I am going to the Women's Retreat with my church. I am so excited to spend a weekend with other Godly Women praising God and learning more about him. I can never get enough of MY GOD. These weekends are always SO REFRESHING and UPLIFTING and all you women know WE CAN ALL USE IT!! I'll report back when I get back into town. Have a great weekend. May your college team win this week...HA!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some one LOVED their ice cream...

Can you tell? Isn't she just the cutest? Madeline didn't make a mess so no picture of her cute face. Hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "Better" things in life....

Macy started back to MDO (Mother's Day Out) today. She was so excited to get to play with new friends. She got right up this morning and didn't fight me to put her pretty clothes on. We headed to the new school (old school, new building). Of course, right when we get there Macy starts saying, "I need to go potty, I need to go potty." What is it with kids and seeing EVERY PUBLIC POTTY possible? Into the bathroom we go. Here is what we see when we go in....

They have it all decorated beautifully and have supplied the people of the church with mouthwash, hairspray, deodorant, etc. I wonder if the men's bathroom is as fancy? I'll have to have hubs go check it out sometime..HA!! Now, sorry Madeline, I know you asked me not to tell anyone about what happened in the bathroom this morning, but it's just too good not to share with these kind people. So here it goes....
We go in for Macy to use the potty. Madeline decided while she was in there she should probably try it out too. Once finished we all come out of the stall to wash our hands. I am assisting Macy when I look over and see Madeline pumping this

into her hands (thankfully nothing came out). I start laughing. She looks at me and says, "What's so funny?" (kinda laughing herself because I'm laughing so hard). I quickly tell her, "That's not soap, it's mouthwash." She looks back at it and says, "Why is there mouthwash in the bathroom at church?" I explained that they want it to look nice and it's to pamper the women of the church. She looks at me and says, "That's weird, mouthwash at church." "Well then which one of all this is soap." I point to the soap dispenser attached to the sink. All the while still giggling. She washes her hands and on the way out says, "Mom, don't tell anyone about this." In my head I'm thinking, "Yeah right, I can't wait to tell everyone." HA!! She is so precious. I love the innocence of a child. Macy wanted to take all these

with her. She kept saying, "Somewon yeave dare wocks in da sink" (Someone leave their rocks in the sink). What an experience for the girls! I guess I haven't taken them to enough POSH environments. HA!!
Here is my precious 2 year old on her first day of school.

Afterwards Madeline and I headed to the gym so I could work out. A much needed chore in my life. We came home, got Madeline ready and fed for school. After taking her to school I had 2 hours of just ME time. It's amazing how quickly that time went by.
When I picked Macy up the teachers gave me a great report. Macy had a great first day and even TOOK A NAP. That is unheard of for Macy while at school. Last year she NEVER slept. Mrs. Amanda and Mrs. Crystal must have the magic touch. Kudos to them both. I'm looking forward to Thursday. Maybe I can go have lunch with a friend or something fun. We'll see.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lazy Weekend.......

It's Monday and the start of another busy week for the Mueller's. Today we have swim lessons at 10:00 and then back to get Madeline ready for school. I'm going to drop Macy off with my neighbor while I go work in Madeline's class all afternoon. Madeline, of course, is very excited that I am going to be in her class all afternoon.
The best news for the week is that Macy is FINALLY starting at her MDO. The church where she goes have built a new building and it was running a little behind schedule. Hence, the starting at the END of SEPTEMBER. Nonetheless, we are finally starting. Good for her and ME!! We went last week to "Meet the teacher" and see the new building. It is super nice and Macy was in Heaven with all the new stuff. We LOVE her teachers. Partly (Big part) because we already know them (Madeline had them when she was in the 2 year old class) and because they are both just amazing women with kiddos of their own. They are so patient and so kind. Two year olds are a hard age to manage and they do it so well. Macy has been asking each day if she gets to go to school and play with her new "fiends". I'll actually have a few hours ALONE tomorrow to do the things that I need to do and have NO KIDS dragging along.
I know you are all wondering, how is Macy's potty training going? AWESOME!!! She is doing so good. She only wears panties during the day, pull ups at night. I haven't changed a poopie pant since we started (almost a week). That is SUPER NICE!! She tells us everytime she needs to go and so we take off running for the bathroom. When we get in there a lot of times she tells me, "Whoa, dat was cose. (Whoa, that was close) She is so funny. So the road to potty training is going VERY WELL. I can't wait for her to master it on all her own because we spend A LOT of our day in there. HA!
Saturday night Brad and I along with our neighbors went on a "DATE NIGHT" with NO KIDS!! We dropped the older girls off at ASI Gymastics (where Madeline takes gymnastics) for the Parent night out. They do this once a month where you can drop your kids off for 4 hours ($20) and they play all kinds of games and do activities with them. They love it each time they go. We left Macy with my neighbors oldest daughter, Kaleigh. Macy LOVES KK (as she calls her). We went out for a yummy steak dinner at Saltgrass and then went and played mini-golf. We had a great time acting like kids again. Sunday was spent at church. I worked in with my 2 year olds and then Sunday night is spent with my kindergarteners. I was beat when I got home last night.
This post has been very random and all over the place and now I need to go get Little Miss and myself ready for swim lessons. Hope you all had a great weekend.
Before I go, I have a prayer request for all my prayer warriors. My friends Chad and Kelly who lost their first born son, Brayden in June are 12 weeks pregnant. Yes, this was a complete surprise but a blessing sent by God. As you can imagine they still miss their son dearly and are blessed by the gift that God has given them in the new baby. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and health for the new baby. If you haven't followed their journey with Brayden go to the link Baby Brayden and read all about this amazing baby boy and the strength of my friends. Also, Chad has a blog, Kositzky Family. Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help me please....I'm in a rut....

A cooking rut that is. I'm so tired of eating the SAME THINGS over and over. I want something new. Do you ever get that way? My hubs is a pretty picky eater so that makes it more difficult to cook new things. However, lately I have been trying new things and he has actually been eating them and enjoying them. So I'm calling on my fellow bloggers for help. Now, I'm not a big cook so it can't be too difficult, not too many ingredients, Get my drift? So send me your favorite "easy" meal that you make and I'll try it out on my family and let you know how it turns out. I'm thanking you in advance for allowing me something else to cook instead of tacos...HA!!! Can't wait to see what I get. You all are the best!!

Progress Report and Potty training...

Madeline got her first progress report yesterday and got an EXCELLENT report. She is excelling in everything. The teacher wrote that "Madeline is a sweetie and is doing very well at making new friends." That's my girl. Every day when I take her to school she is hollering out the door for one of her "new friends" that is walking in. I'm so proud of her. Gramme practiced with her while we were in Oklahoma counting to 100 by 5's. She is an old pro at it now. Her teacher was even impressed with her. She takes after her daddy with the numbers because God knows I am HORRIBLE with numbers. The only thing the teacher stated that Madeline needed to work on more was her handwriting. When we taught her to write and her preschool too for that matter we taught her block style writing. Her school teaches the D'Nelian style of writing. While most of the letters are the same, some are different so we are learning. Overall, I am VERY PLEASED with her first progress report. Yeah for Madeline.
Now for the potty training. I have been putting this off for some time. Why? I don't know. Probably the same reason it took me forever to take the binky away. I don't want Macy to grow up. I want her to be my baby forever. So I'm finally getting serious about the potty training. She has done very good this afternoon. She told me she needed to go potty so we ran into the bathroom, jumped on the potty and she "tee-teed" right away. Of course, I made a HUGE deal of it and told her that she could go in the pantie bucket and pick out some big girl panties. She picked some Kermit the Frog AND Hello Kitty. Yes, that's right, she has on TWO pairs of panties. For all you moms that have gone through this, whatever works right? About 10 minutes later she tells me she has to go again. We run back into the bathroom and this time she "tee-tees" AND does a big "Poo-Poo". I am so proud of her. I'm hoping this is the start of something and that she continues it. Please pray for patience for me and that it continues to go so easily. Madeline was potty trained by the time she was two. She did everything early and easy. Macy, not so much....
She wanted me to take some pictures of her on the potty...Are these ok to post?

She is so proud of herself. I'll keep you posted on how we are doing.
I am loving this fall like weather that we have been having. I have had the windows open with no air conditioner since Sunday. I love this time of year. I'm ready for chili, stew, and potato soup. YUM YUM!! What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's hard to believe...

Galveston looked like this in March...

View of the ocean standing in the "backyard" of the beach house.

Another gorgeous view.

View of the walk way leading down to the ocean. The water was low at this time of day. The tides weren't coming in too far.

Pier right off the sea wall. I'm sure it's no longer there.

This is the house that we stay at when we go to Galveston. It belongs to my neighbors aunt and uncle. They have been in the process of trying to sell it due to the fact that when they bought it 7 years ago there was a LARGE distance between it and the ocean. Due to the erosion the ocean was literally 150 feet away with no sea wall to protect it. They haven't heard yet if the house is still there. Please pray for this family as they don't know the outcome of the state of their house.

Our Family on our last family vacation this past March to Galveston.

Here is Galveston today after the destruction of Hurricane Ike.
(All pictures from M&C website)

Total devastation.

As I look at these pictures and compare the ones from our vacation to the ones taken just a few days ago I am amazed at the difference. In March, the sun was bright and shining, the grass was as green as it could be, the water was calm, and it was so peaceful. Then came the destruction of a natural disaster that wiped all that beauty away. I pray for God's protection of those that are still there, for those that will begin the clean up process, and for those that lost everything. I pray for comfort for those that lost loved ones, for those that lost the home, for those that have nothing now. May God's grace give them strength and hope. Please say an extra prayers for all those devasted by Hurricane Ike. Gos Bless you all whether you are in Galveston, Houston, Surfside, or any other town affected by these storms.

Calling ALL blogger friends....


Can you see what is wrong with my page? I can't figure out how to get the background color off of white and the little bit of pink. I have tried EVERYTHING. I nearly erased my entire blog trying to fix this issue. Any ideas how to help? I am thanking you ahead of time. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Can't wait to hear your answers and get this problem solved.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

So I found out if I am having a niece or a nephew and it is.......

What do you think? BOY? GIRL?
Let me tell you.......

Aaron and Jaime went to have another ultrasound done on Friday and this time they were able to see clearly that the baby is a ..........................

..........................What's your guess?

............Will it be BLUE or PINK?

..................Do you know yet?

.................Is the suspense killing you? It was killing me!

................Ok, I'll tell you.........................................

In a minute, this is kinda fun!!

....................We now know that the Caldwell family will be adding a..........


I'm so excited for the girls to have a girl cousin to get to play with on top of Garrett. Madeline and Garrett already have the best time together. Aaron and Jaime are excited to be having a beautiful little girl. Her name will be Lyric London Caldwell. ( I hope that is right. Correct me if I'm wrong, Jaime). Of course, I have TONS of clothes for her already. We can't wait for her to get here (late January). At least now we can quit calling her IT. I know she will have her daddy so tightly wrapped around her finger he won't know what happened. Jaime will have her shopping buddy and Aaron has his sports buddy. Congratulations guys!! We love you. Let me introduce you to my niece............

Profile Picture.

Showing "girl parts"

Pretty cute huh?

Sorry Papa, you'll have to put the balls and trucks away. Keep out the dolls and dress up. Garrett can play with your "Boy toys" still.

We shed a lot and gained A LOT....

We headed to Oklahoma to be with family Wednesday afternoon as soon as we picked Madeline up from school. This is what we were faced with 90% of the way.....

Thankfully, we made it there safely and the girls did great in the car. We arrived just in time to be greeted by family and have a delicious meal. We got to spend time as a family (immediate and extended) just talking and reminiscing about granddad.

Thursday morning was spent with even more family and even MORE EATING. We did A LOT of this (eating). Hence, the we GAINED A LOT. Many of the Mueller's friends made wonderful food and desserts for us to eat on ALL WEEKEND. I have never seen so much food in one place. We then headed for the funeral but not before taking a few family pictures since we were all dressed up (except my girls because they got to go play with Nana while we went to the funeral).

Aren't we a beautiful family....

David (Brad's dad), Diane (Brad's mom), Austen (my nephew, belongs to Brad's brother and wife), Brad (brother in law, married to Brad's sister), Michelle (Brad's sister), Madeline, Brad (my hubs), me, Macy, Katie (sister in law, married to Brad's brother), Jon Eric (Brad's brother).

My family.....

The funeral service was very uplifting. When you have a man who did so much for his community, church, and family it's easy to find so many incredible things to share about him. I found out things I didn't even know and was even prouder to have been able to call him granddad. Please continue to keep Brad's mom and aunt, and especially his grandmother in your prayers. It was a very confusing time for Mema as there were times when she didn't understand what was happening and others when she knew and would be heartbroken. I praise God however, for giving each of us the strength and peace through such a difficult time.

Friday, we spent more time as a family hanging out, playing games, laughing A LOT, and just enjoying being with each other and again eating LOTS of food. So as the title says We shed a lot of TEARS and gained a lot of WEIGHT. HA! I was able to spend a couple of hours shopping with my sister in laws while I was there and enjoyed the time we shared together. I never had a sister so they both do a good job filling in that void. Thanks girls...

Saturday, my mother in law, sister in law (mich), and my girls went shopping all afternoon while Brad and his dad went to the Oklahoma State football game. We had a good time. The girls had their OSU spirit and proudly cheered on the Cowboys to a 57 - 13 win over Missouri State. GO POKES!! Look how cute the girls are......

Macy with her "pistols" firing. Just like the real cheerleaders.

Daddy and Madeline doing their "stunt"

Daddy and his girls.

We got up early this morning and headed back to Texas so I would have time to unpack and relax before going to work with the children tonight at church. Thank you to all of you who sent emails, cards, phone calls, etc. during these past few days. We love you all and appreciate you more than you know.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Swim lessons and a pat on the back.

Macy started swim lessons today for the first time (sorry no pictures, I had to get in the water with her and I didn't trust Madeline with the camera beside the pool). If you've been keeping up with my blog for some time you have seen how much of a fish she is. She loves to swim and is all over the pool. Today was a little different. I'm not sure if she was uncomfortable in the new environment around people she didn't know but it took her a while to get adjusted and realize that she was going to have to get in the pool without her swim vest and do it by herself. In the class that she is in they want to teach her to hold her breath for 10 seconds. She did better than I expected. I'm hoping that next week she will feel more comfortable and not be so "shy" about going under water. She can tread water very well for her age. She was able to kick her feet enough to keep her head above water. The teacher was impressed. We just need to get her to get comfortable with swimming under water for at least 10 seconds. In the next stage they teach them to swim at least 3 feet and swim to the wall and climb out on their own. She's got the climbing out by herself down it's just swimming to the wall. We will get there. She will have class once a week every week until the middle of December. We shall see. Wish us luck.
Madeline had a great day at Kindergarten. She came out to the car today when I picked her up yelling as she got into the car, "I got a "Pat on the back" today!" That's the "award" for good behavior. Yeah for Madeline!! She is loving school and I am so glad. She was very sad when I told her that she was going to probably miss a day because we had to go to Oklahoma for the Great's funeral. She called Brad's grandparents the "greats". That's just what he was. Here is Madeline showing off her "Pat on the back"

She was so proud.

Macy wanted her picture taken too...Look how ornery she looks here.

I wanted to thank all of you for your extreme kind words and condolences. It's nice to have people pray with and for you. It will be a hard end of the week but I know lots of great stories will be shared too. We are looking forward to spending time with all our family.

Speaking of family, many have asked about my new NIECE or nephew to be. I think it's a girl but they haven't found out what it is yet. My brother and Jaime had an ultrasound last week but apparently she was too shy to reveal her parts. They are going back on the 12th to have another look and hopefully this time will find out. I can't wait to start shopping. If you know me I have wanted to be an aunt FOREVER. I became one over a year ago with my nephew, Austen (Brad's brother and wife) and now I get to have another to spoil. I'll let you know what she is as soon as they tell me. (Sorry Aaron and Jaime it's just my guess. I could be wrong too). However, here is the precious baby....

Pretty cute huh? Look at those hands though!!

Hope you all have a great week...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The call we all hate to get....

Unfortunately, we received the one call that no one wants to receive this morning while getting ready for church, that someone we love had passed away. Brad's mom called to tell us that Brad's grandfather had passed away last night. Granddad (as we called him) lived a very long, 94 years, and very full life. He was an amazing man. I could tell this from the first time that I met him over 11 years ago. I can still remember that first meeting. Brad had taken me to meet his grandparents one Saturday afternoon not long after we first began dating. We walked into their place and I was immediately welcomed with a hug and a chair. A chair? Yes, these two people LOVED to play games and they were darn good at them. I believe we had been there for all of 10 minutes before granddad broke out the homemade (very impressive) sequence board for us to play. We played sequence for at least 2 hours that day. It was one of the best times. I got to hear all kinds of stories about Brad growing up, his mothers childhood, and much about their careers as younger adults. Granddad and Mema would love it anytime one of the grandchildren would come and have dinner with them or play games. We tried to do this often (probably not often enough) Granddad was also a man that LOVED God and it showed. He was a wonderful example to his 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. You could tell when we would all get together how much he loved his own children (2 daughters), his 6 grandchildren, and even more his 6 great grandchildren. Granddad suffered a massive stroke in late February of 2003.
I was due with Madeline in less than a month and I remember how I prayed that he would pull through so that Madeline could meet him and know what an amazing grandfather he was. With many prayers, lots of physical and speech therapy he made amazing progress and regained a lot of his speech and strength and motion that he lost from the stroke. Both of my grandfathers had passed before I had children so he was the only great grandfather my kids knew. He would light up each time he saw them. When Madeline was just a little baby he would always want to hold her and play with her even though he didn't have full motion or strength yet. We would hand him to her and "assist" him in holding her.
As time goes on granddad became weaker and more frail and relied on a wheelchair to get him around but that never stopped him from having a smile or a positive attitude. He was always happy. We are going to miss him even more than you know but rest in the peace and comfort that knowing he is walking the streets with Jesus and all those that went before him. He is no longer in that frail body but in a body full of strength and energy. Praise God for that. Please keep the family in your prayers as they prepare for the final goodbyes, for safe travels of us all as we travel to Oklahoma to say goodbye and be with each other as a family. Please keep Mema (his wife) in your prayers. She suffers from Alzheimer's and really doesn't know what is going on. Help Brad's mom and aunt as they not only deal with the arrangements to be made for granddad but to have the patience and understanding for Mema.

I will leave with some pictures of this AMAZING man I am talking about...We love you Granddad and will miss you....

Christmas 2007...minus Brad's uncle and 1 cousin.

Brad's mom(left) and her sister.

Granddad and Mema with all the great-grandchildren.

Granddad and Mema with the grandchildren (minus Scott, Brad's cousin)

Our family with Grandad and Mema.

Granddad and Macy. She was 1 month old.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Let me introduce you to......

"TUBES". Everyone meet Tubes. Tubes meet everyone else. Tubes is the beloved friend to Macy. Macy got "tubes" in January. Macy had to have surgery to have "tubes" put in her ears. Hence, the name for her beloved teddy bear. He goes EVERYWHERE with us. Just like the credit card company says, "Don't leave home without it." Well, WE DON'T. Macy sleeps, eats, bathes, and travels with "Tubes" right by her side. Just so you know exactly who we are talking about here is "tubes" Pretty cute little guy huh? His little shirt says, Texas Pediatric Surgery Center. So for the past 7 months we have not gone a day without "tubes" until Monday. Why I hear you asking? I'll tell you. As you know, we traveled to Oklahoma this past weekend and OF COURSE "tubes" went too. WELL, as we are driving home, Macy asks for YOU KNOW WHO. It was like Brad and I both knew we were in trouble. We both looked at each other as if saying to one another, "Did you get tubes?" "I don't remember seeing him." UH Oh!! We had to explain to our 2 year old daughter that we had left her most PRIZED possession (besides her pink blankie) in Oklahoma at Nana and Papa's. She quickly told us to "Go back and get tubes, NOW!" We can't but we will call and ask Papa to send him on an airplane to us (aka UPS). Against her wishes she agreed. Poor baby would check outside every day, ALL DAY for tubes to show up on the porch. We even had to call Papa yesterday to make sure he mailed it. So you know the kind of excitement Macy had when she saw this pull up in front of the house.............. \ She knew right away who he was and what he was bringing. She started jumping up and down screaming, "Tubes, tubes!" I'm sure if the UPS man's name was tubes (100% chance it wasn't) I bet he felt happy to have his name screamed at him in such excitement. Macy is waiting for the man to bring it off the truck. He handed me the box and we came into the house. She was so excited and wanted him NOW! I had to of course get an interview for my blog first. (poor baby has waited 3 days for her best friend and I am making her talk about it first)
Isn't she so cute? Now open that box, mom! You should have seen her face when I opened the box and held it for her to look inside and pull tubes out. I couldn't use the camera and hold the box at the same time so here is what she did as soon as she pulled tubes out.
Doesn't that make your heart melt. She hasn't put him down since he got here. I'm amazed that we (as adults) spend all this money on expensive toys, dolls, and animals and they always chose the FREE one to be inseperable from. Gotta love it!!
But I'm happy to report that "tubes" is home and the world in Macy's eyes is right again. Thank GOD!! Thanks mom for tearing your house apart looking for him and thanks dad for sending him on the airplane to us.