Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm really bad at this.

I'm blaming it on my IPhone. I rarely get on the desktop computer because now that I have my IPhone I can do everything on it so I have no reason to get on the computer, therefore, resulting in no blog posts. I want to get better and make the time to do it but I don't.

Let's get caught up.....

First, the last post was about our friends The Jaggears and their "Miracle baby". Just wanted to update you on them. Things are still going FABULOUS. She is in her 18th week and the doctor says everything looks GREAT. PTL!! I can't wait to meet this little miracle.

Next, September 4, I became an aunt again. My sweet, precious nephew, Sutton Kyle was born. He weighed 8 lbs. 2 ounces and was 19 inches long. He is the sweetest natured child. We were able to spend 3 days with them when he was born. He waited to come until he knew his Aunt D could be there and spend some time. Thanks Sutton. Momma didn't like it too much but she got what she waited for and if you ask her she'll tell you it was worth it. Take a look at this sweet little guy...

He has even made the 4.5 hour road trip to come visit us here in Texas. We spent lots of time snuggling together and I loved EVERY second of it. Thanks Mich, for bringing him here to see us.

Madeline is doing very well in school. She was chosen as the Student of the Month from her teacher. She loves school but hates having to come home and work on homework. I told her she better get used to it.

Madeline is doing great in cheerleading and they are gearing up for their first competition in November. She's a little nervous about the competitions but I know she will do great. She has done her back handspring and round off back handspring by herself. She just needs to work on getting more consistent with it. We are super proud of her and her efforts. They will have a two day competition in November and December and then they will compete in January and another in February. I'll be sure to post pictures after the competitions.

As for my sweet Macy, she started school FINALLY. Her MDO (Mothers Day Out) started the second week of September. Her teachers are SO GREAT and she LOVES them. Both happen to go to church with us too. She can't wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays so she can go see Mrs. Marcie and Mrs. Cherie. It's going to be a great year. We miss her teachers from last year too. She was so excited the other day she came home from school and asked me, "Momma, did you know that A says a.(insert a sound here). We're getting there. It's amazing to see the difference between Madeline and Macy at this age. Their interests are different, learning styles are different, attention spans, etc.

Hubs is still loving his job and just celebrated 1 year there. He is also super excited for this time of year because it means FOOTBALL ALL WEEKEND. We enjoy watching our OSU Cowboys play when we can and of course he has his NFL Fantasy Football team that keeps him occupied as well.

Hubs and I decided this year we were going to start teaching in the youth at our church. I am co-teaching the 9th grade girls Sunday school and Hubs has the 11th-12th grade boys. So far we are really enjoying it. I love to hear about what is going on in these young girls lives and hearts. We have a great group of kids. We can't wait to see what God does in the lives of these young adults. I'm also still teaching the 1st graders (Madeline's group) on Sunday nights. I don't leave sweet Macy out, once a month I work in her class during Church service. We stay very busy with church, cheer, school, work, etc. However, God has truly blessed out family.

Right now, I am home with Macy who has the flu....AGAIN. If you remember correctly she had the H1N1 flu in early August. Poor Macy catches EVERYTHING. Please pray that she recovers quickly.

I'm going to try to get on an update more often with more interesting things. Hope you all are staying healthy and enjoying this fall weather. GOD BLESS!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Answered Prayers...Maybe?

It's the post I have been promising you for some time now. Are you ready for this? Alright, let's get started.

First, I want to thank our friends Jake & Erica Jaggears for allowing me to share their lives on my blog. Thanks guys!!

Now, I want to give you a little background first. Our friends Jake and Erica, have tried for several years to have a baby of their own. After MANY trips to fertility doctors they were told that with the medical issues BOTH of them had regarding fertility the ONLY way for them to get pregnant was through IVF. Last summer (08), they began the process of IVF. If you have or know someone that has gone through this process you know that it entails A LOT. After all the injections, pills, ultrasounds, they waited for that day when the doctor tells them, Yes, you are pregnant or Sorry, not this time. They received the best answer ANY waiting parent wants to hear. You are PREGNANT!! You can imagine the happiness they felt at this time. Shock, excitement, joy, nervousness, fear, etc.

However, nothing could prepare them for what was to come. They went back a few weeks later (my time frames aren't perfectly correct but you get the point) to have a look at the baby when they hear THREE HEARTBEATS. Yes, TRIPLETS!! So they leave pondering the thought, still in shock, scared, and full of excitement at the thought of three. What joy to know that God has blessed them with THREE little babies. One singleton baby and a set of identical twins. They are excited, nervous, fearful but went about the pregnancy without complications until Erica's 16th week of pregnancy. She began having some difficulties and was admitted into the hospital on bed rest. It's at this point that they called on GOD more than ever. They knew at this point if the babies were to be born there was no way they would make it. Erica did EVERYTHING the doctors told her without hesitation with Jake right by her side. On October 15, their first son was born at only 18.5 weeks. Sadly, he went directly to live with our GRACIOUS FATHER in heaven. The other two, the twins, were still doing ok. Labor had stopped. Grieving the loss of the child she just loss Erica did everything she could to get the other two babies to a viable time. Again, she went into labor on November 7, and gave birth to 2 more sons at 21.5 weeks. All three angels are now in Heaven playing with each other.

Imagine going through the shock and excitement of having three babies at one time and then loosing all three in a matter of 2 weeks. However, Jake and Erica NEVER lost faith in our GOD. They praised him and lifted his name on high. They knew that God had a plan for all he does and they trusted him with whatever his will for their lives would be. What a testimony to all those around them. I can't say that I'd be the same way. I can pray that I would be but I can't imagine the pain, hurt, feeling of loss, grief, and anger. They had MANY prayers being sent up on their behalf and I know it's through those prayers that they made it through that trial in their lives.

After talking with her doctors they recommended that Erica take a break, give her body a rest, and try again in possibly 6 months. Jake and Erica NEVER gave up hope that they were meant to have a child. Erica did just as the doctor told her and met with him on June 4. Everything looked great. She was still a good candidate for IVF. They discussed what they'd like to see happen and that they were going to take it one day at a time. He was very positive that the IVF would work again. Erica began preparing herself again for the procedure (IVF). She began taking prenatal vitamins, she was to start on the Provera (progesterone) to help her have a cycle, after being on the Provera for 10 days she is to start her cycle no more than 5 days later. At this point she is to go in for an ultrasound while on her cycle to make sure everything is ready for implantation. She hadn't started and it was 9 days out. The doctor wanted her to come in to check for cysts that could be causing things not to happen.

On July 7, Erica went into her fertility doctor to have the ultrasound done to see what was going on when much to their (the doctor and herself) surprise....................SHE IS PREGNANT!!! She is pregnant on her own, no IVF. She didn't even think this was possible, the doctors didn't think it was possible but with OUR GOD EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. God gives to those who remain faithful and trust in HIS PLAN. GOD IS GOOD AND HE DOES GOOD.

Erica is starting her 13th week and is having a great pregnancy (other than the typical morning sickness/tiredness). She had a cerclage (stitch in her cervix) on Tuesday just as a precaution. Since she went into early labor with the boys they want to be sure that this baby stays put for as long as possible. Please pray for Jake and Erica that this pregnancy continues healthy and easy for Erica. They appreciate and welcome ALL prayers.

If you are struggling with infertility know that God is in control. He never leaves you, he will never forsake you. He has a plan for your life and it's on HIS TIME not ours. Be patient and put ALL your faith and trust in him ALWAYS!! There are many out there that wait for YEARS to have a child and when it's time it will happen.

The happy couple.

You can read their blog and keep up with their pregnancy through Erica's blog HERE. They are also AMAZING photographers so if you live in the DFW area look them up, Erica Joyce Photography in Keller, Texas. You can see some of their work HERE.

Love you guys and can't wait to meet Baby Jaggears in March 2010.

Monday, August 24, 2009

She's a First grader...

Wow...This morning began REAL early (at least for the Mueller girls) this morning.

Today marked the first day of school for a certain FIRST GRADER. That's right, Miss Madeline Paige started first grade today. She was very excited and VERY nervous. I have to admit it's going to be a little strange not having her at home for part of the day. Macy is really going to miss having her around to play with. Mommy will have to be her playmate and she doesn't think I'm as fun as Madeline.

I woke Madeline up at 6:15 so she could shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, get her hair dried and fixed, take "first day of school" pictures, and say her goodbyes to daddy (hubs stayed home with Macy while I took Madeline to school). I was worried that trying to get her up this morning was going to be hard, however, I think it was harder to get myself out of bed. Madeline usually sleeps for another 3-4 hours. I bet she is one tired girl when she gets home from school today. I can't wait to hear all about her first day.

She was most nervous about eating in the cafeteria. Some of her older friends have warned her about how MEAN the lunch lady is. I told her, do what you are supposed to and there will be no worries. She eats lunch at 10:30. That's what time she is used to eating breakfast. I'd better have a snack ready when she gets home today.

You should have seen her last night after we got home from church trying to decide just what outfit would be the PERFECT first day outfit. After laying SEVERAL out she finally decided on just the right one. I think she looks like a cute little school girl.

I know that the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are wanting to see her on her first day...So here she is.....The BIG FIRST GRADER!!!

Looking so grown up.

Madeline and Daddy.

Madeline and Mommy.

I can't believe she's old enough to go to school ALL DAY.

Sitting in her desk...Looking a little unsure of what's about to happen.

I've been praying since school let out last year that she would have a great first grade year. I pray that she will make more new friends, have a wonderful Godly teacher (we had the best last year), and that she would learn lots and have fun while doing it. We'll keep you posted.

On another note, Many have asked how Macy is doing since being diagnosed with Swine flu. She was sick for a good week but recovered quickly and is back to 100%. We spent a few days at the beach in Galveston again last week. She didn't want to leave. Thank you for your prayers and concern for her. It's no fun for mommy or child when they are sick. I'm still trying to play catch up on all the sleepless nights we got.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the BIG POST that I have been telling you all about. I'm hoping to post this AMAZING story on Friday of this week..So check back, you will not want to miss it. It's another story of how GREAT our GOD is.

Hope you all have had a nice summer. I love the heat but must admit I'm ready for the Fall FOOTBALL weather. Hope all your BACK TO SCHOOL transitions were easy and that all your kiddos, grand kiddos have a GREAT year.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready for it to be over already....

So I had planned on doing a long post about our Oklahoma trip but instead I'm going to post a SHORT update on what my past few days have been like.

It all began Tuesday night when I was putting the girls to bed. When I went to tuck Macy (youngest) in and gave her a kiss on her forehead I noticed she felt a little warm....hot...to be exact. I went to get the thermometer to take her temp and I was quite surprised when it read 102.7. UGH!!! Why me? Why her? She's been my sick child as of late. I dose her up with some Motrin and off to sleep she goes only to wake up a few hours later with an even HIGHER temp.

I call her pediatrician first thing in the morning and of course it's Wednesday and our doctor doesn't work on Wed. So we are scheduled to see her partner at 3:45. We get to the office and get called back almost immediately. The nurse walks in with a mask on (new policy) and asks what symptoms we're having (only high fever at this point), listens to her chest, takes her temp, and then prepares to swab her for the FLU!! What? It's not even flu season? "Are you still seeing the flu?", I ask her. "We never stopped," she said. Macy HATES the "tickling" of the nose test and fought her. She gets the sample and we are left to sit and wait.

Several minutes later, in walks the doctor (also covered with a mask) and asks if there are any other children at home? Confused, I answer yes, one, my 6 year old daughter. Does she have the flu? Yes, says the doc. WHAT?????? How in the world did she get the flu? We haven't been anywhere? Oh wait, just the McDonalds playground on Tues. and church on Sunday. Who knows. The doctor proceeds to tell me that it's Type A-SWINE FLU!! As you can imagine, my head is spinning. What does this mean? I mean, all I've heard is that SWINE flu is REALLY bad, it can kill people, etc. She proceeds to explain it to me and I calm down. She prescribed both girls with Tamiflu and tells us to call our primary doctor to get some Tamiflu.

Yesterday, was a ROUGH day for Miss Macy. She couldn't keep anything down and had very high fever. I called her doctor back and asked what to do. They told me to give her 1 tsp. of fluids every 10 minutes and called in some zofran for her. That helped TREMENDOUSLY with the vomiting and she even took about an hour and a half nap. However, she still felt yuck because her fever was so high (104.7)

We went to bed last night and all of us prayed over her and would you know that she slept all night and her fever stayed low. PRAISE THE GOOD LORD. She woke up this morning with a low grade fever, drank 6 oz. of fluids, and a piece of bread and is still doing great. Hopefully, we are over the worst of it. I know she is DYING to see our neighbors and get out of this house. Hopefully, by the first of the week she will be better. Continue to pray for her that it doesn't get bad again, which it says it can.

Also, I wanted to wish my WONDERFUL hubby a HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!!! It was 10 years ago today that we stood in front of a church full of family and friends and pledged to love each other forever. It has been the best 10 years of my life. Together we have made 4 homes together, been parents to 3 loving fur babies, been blessed with 2 of the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, and one angel that lives in Heaven. We have had MANY laughs, joys, disappointments, successes, failures, and trials. All those things have made us who we are today...and I love it.

I love you babe and look forward to MANY, MANY more years with you.
Sorry we can't go celebrate tonight but our flu infested child needs us more....Comes with the territory...HA!!

Love you,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Baby is Coming...

*Update* My SIL went to the dr. yesterday and is feeling much better. It must have been just a yucky virus. Her blood pressure was lower than the day before and Baby Sutton still looks great. Thanks for all your prayers. Now we just wait for his grand arrival.
Got ya, didn't I? No, I don't have a baby coming but my sister in law does. My nephew, Sutton, is due to arrive by September 2. The girls and I spent 10 days in Oklahoma in mid-July. During that time we celebrated his upcoming arrival by hosting a baby shower and then attending one.
My other sister in law, Katie, and several of my sister in laws friends helped me in hosting a great shower for Baby Sutton. We had a great time and she got lots of great gifts that will be very helpful for when he arrives. We had a mid morning shower where we hosted "brunchy" type foods. There were about 30 women there. Here are some pictures from that day.

Aunt Mich (Michelle) and Madeline with the glider that all the hostesses went in together and got them.

My two WONDERFUL sister in laws.

The beautiful table...

This is Baby Sutton's coming home outfit. So sweet!

Diaper Wreath on the front door. It was SUPER CUTE! One of the hostesses made it.

Me with my beautiful girls....

All the hostesses with the mommy to be.

She also had a shower hosted by a group of ladies from the church her husband grew up in. They were the sweetest ladies. They got a lot of things at this shower that they needed and not a lot of what they got at the previous shower. I think they are set and ready for Sutton to arrive. A glimpse at this shower........

The proud mommy and daddy to be.

I have to say that my girls will be really upset when Sutton does arrive and they realize that Uncle Brad is no longer just THEIRS. The use him for airplane rides, train rides, a human jungle gym, and so much more. When his time is occupied by his own child they will be so upset. I know he will still give them SOME rides just not constant rides. Right, Uncle Brad?

Look at my two BEAUTIES!! They look like they really do love each other....HA!!

Getting ready to open presents...

My father in law made this ADORABLE chandelier to go in the room. My brother in law loves airplanes. Isn't it cute?

At the end of the night we took one last picture. We love Aunt Mich and Uncle Brad.

We can't wait for Baby Sutton's arrival. However, please be in prayer for my sister in law. She has been very sick (unable to keep anything down) for the past few days and is having extreme swelling. As of yesterday, her blood pressure was fine and she had no protein. She goes back to the doctor today for her normal appointment. Hopefully, she is better and can hold on. We don't want them to have to take Sutton early and we definitely want her to feel better. She has had a very pleasant pregnancy thus far.

We did a whole lot more while we were in Oklahoma but that will be for the next post. Also, there is still an AWESOME, INCREDIBLE blog coming up that you won't want to miss...Keep checking back.

Lastly, PLEASE be in prayer for our family, especially my youngest, Macy. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she was diagnosed with the SWINE flu. I know, I was just as shocked as you are. We are all taking Tamiflu in the hopes that know one else catches it. The only place I can imagine that she picked it up was at McDonalds on the playground. That's the only place we have been where she's been around other kids. (other than her Sunday school class at church). Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A day of reflecting....

Today has been one of those days where you sit and reflect on life, meaning, and understanding. Maybe it's the gloomy weather we are having but life has been so busy lately and I haven't taken the time to just STOP and look at my life and all the WONDERFUL things that GOD has given to me. I got into his word today and boy did he speak to me. Slow down....listen....respond.
I then got online to listen to some of my favorite songs. Today is going to be a great day.

I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. If you listen to the words and the meaning behind each one you will find yourself moved. Listen to what God tells you.


That song is so powerful and such a reminder that even when we fail God's grace and love will pick us up and redeem us. Lord, May I always love you from the inside out.


This song is a reminder of just HOW AMAZING our GOD is.


We sing this in worship at church and there is nothing better than hearing an entire congregation singing about SALVATION. There is NOTHING better.


This song reminds me of my relationship with MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. GOD IS GOOD!!


My prayer for you all today is that your lives are touched in one way or another. Allow these songs to speak to your spirit. God is good and he does good. I know sometimes is hard to see that. Stay faithful in all you do and he will direct your paths.

God Bless you all........

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Moving On and a New look....

Hope you all enjoyed the last post. I know it was still SUPER long but I didn't want to leave anything out. The girls and I, along with my neighbor and her daughter are planning one last trip to Galveston for the summer before school starts. We are excited to head to the beach again.
Ok, so moving on. The next big event in our household was that the girls went and spent an ENTIRE 8 days with my parents in Oklahoma. That's right, I had a whole week BY MYSELF. We got back from the beach on a Friday and met my parents half way to drop the little darlings off to them on Sunday. They had a wonderful time with Papa and Nana. It sounds like my parents had a BLAST with them too. This was the first time and longest we have been without BOTH girls. I was able to go to dinner, shopping, lay by the pool, sleep all day if I wanted, eat when I wanted and what I wanted, watch MY movies all day, and most importantly, I got to take a hot bubble bath with NO kids playing in my water. HA! Hubs and I really enjoyed our time together but REALLY missed our girlie's. While they were in Oklahoma they swam EVERYDAY, played with cousins, went to the movies, earned some money helping Nana clean, and played with Papa and Nana's new puppy Posey.

Isn't she a cutie?

We went to pick the girls up the following Sunday. We all started crying when we were reunited. I think Madeline REALLY missed us. Macy, umm, not so much. She would have been fine to go back to Oklahoma with Papa and Nana. I believe Papa and Nana needed at least a week to recover. Thank you again SO MUCH mom and dad for taking the girls.

Sunday when we got back from Oklahoma picking the girls up we had just enough time to unpack their bags, grab a bite to eat, and then head up to the church for VBS. I worked with the kindergartners (going into 1st grade). We had a BLAST. The girls both had a great time and look forward to next year. VBS ended the month for June for us.

July came on and boy did it start out HOT!! Hubs and I, along with 4 other couples from our church went to a Texas Rangers game on July 3rd. Man, was it ever HOT there. I think I sweat off around 10,000 calories only to put it all right back on in ballpark food. Why is it that hot dogs and nachos taste SO MUCH better at the ballpark? YUM!! The Rangers won which made it all worth the sweat. After the game they had a huge fireworks show. Can't wait to do it again soon.

That's where I'll stop for now. We are ALMOST caught up hoping to never get behind again..HA!! Famous last words....

Before I leave....

Today (July 28th) marks a special day in our lives. This is the day that our 2nd child was due to be born 4 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't think of my sweet baby. If you want to read more about my story you can go here.

To my sweet baby,

We miss you! We love you! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You would be 4. Getting ready to start Pre-K. You would be learning to write your name, learning your numbers, beginning reading and so much more.I wanted you to know that I got a special charm bracelet for Christmas and on it I have a little angel, that's you. You are with me always. I look at it and smile thinking about you running around with all the other children in Heaven. I can't wait for the day when I get to see you again and for you to get to meet your WONDERFUL sisters. You are going to love them. Continue having the fun your having and we'll see you again someday.

I love you,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back Tracking

I can't believe it's been over a month and a half since I last posted a blog. I have LOTS of catching up to do. I won't bore you with one EXTREMELY LONG post so I'm going to spread all our events over a few days of posts.
Last time I blogged we were about to head out on our family vacation to Galveston, Texas. We left here on June 13 and came back on June 19. We had a wonderful time at the beach. The girls had a blast playing on the beach in the sand and splashing in the water. I wondered how Macy would do because the last time we went to the beach she wasn't too fond of the sand getting on her feet. This time she was ALL ABOUT the sand and getting dirty. We built lots of sand castles, hunted for crabs, looked for sea shells, and took lots of long walks along the shore. The adults even played a game of touch football, soccer, and even a mean game of sand hopscotch. The football game turned a little rough. On one occasion I was rushing the quarterback (Kristie) and tripped and ended up tackling her. Then I was trying to touch tackle their 15 year old son who plays football and he jucked (sp) one way and headed the opposite way causing me to plant my foot in the sand and go down straight on my face. Not cool for this old crippled girl. We stayed up late every night playing cards/board games and slept till we woke up sometimes not until 11:00am. It was awesome. We had a blast.

Here's a glimpse of our vacation. Ready to vacation with us?

Macy helped make a lemon cake...It was SO yummy. We ate


Macy and Kaleigh making the cake together. Kaleigh is our neighbors oldest daughter. Isn't she beautiful?

Our first day on the beach.

Macy being her normal SASSY self. This picture looks hazy but it's only because the camera had been in the house in the A/C and when I went outside it fogged up. It's still cute nonetheless.

Madeline and her best friend, Rachel, deciding to get in the water or not.

They can't take a picture without "posing".

Playing so nice in the water and sand together.

My happy family on the beach playing together.

One thing that we do every time we go to Galveston is ride the ferry. The kids look forward to feeding the seagulls bread on the back of the ferry. However, you have to be VERY careful. Imagine a TON of seagulls flying overhead, eating bread. You are bound to get some form of bodily bird fluid on you. Poor Mark (our neighbor) got it this trip.

Thanks for the good laugh Mark.

Here is what the ferry's look like.

Here's our "CREW" waiting to board the ferry.

Madeline and Rachel. They are like sisters.

Sweet Little Macy passed out in the car on the way to the ferry. We did wake her up once we were on board. She would have been so sad to have missed it.

Me and my mini me waiting. I love this picture of us. Even if I do have my sunglasses on.

Hubs and Macy right after we woke her up. She was so excited to see the hundreds of seagulls flying overhead.

Here they are feeding the birds.

What a nice looking family.

There is one mini golf place on the island and I think the kids and the hubby's went there 3-4 times. It was cheap entertainment and it took them a couple of hours to play. It was a couple hours that me and Kristie had alone on the beach soaking up the suns rays. There was only a few minor incidents while they played. One trip Macy got mad and THREW her club (she takes after her daddy) and on another trip Rachel smacked Madeline in the eye with her club. HA! All in all they had a blast.

Madeline putting on the last hole.

This is the first hole and this ant squirts water out of it's mouth. When I walked by it the first time it scared me and I nearly broke my ankle when I jumped. HA!

Kaleigh and Colby (neighbors) acting their normal goofy teenage self's.

I loved this picture of Macy. Isn't she beautiful?

One thing we always try to do is have a "Date Night" with NO KIDS. This time we chose to go to Kemah. Kemah is a boardwalk with shopping, tons of restaurants, entertainment, and rides. They have an aquarium too. It's a nice place to go for a few hours and just walk around especially with no kids in tow. Last year when we came we brought the kids and had a blast but it was nice to enjoy it with just adults. Thanks to Kaleigh for watching the kids.

Dressed up and ready to go out for the night.

With our best friends/neighbors, Mark and Kristie. These two are truly GOD SENDS. I can't imagine my life without the two of them in it. I never want to move because if I do I'd have to bring them with me. We love them.

In Kemah

You never know when you might run into Spongebob.

He tried to eat me. HA!

Look at this cutie......We always love trying on all the silly sunglasses in the surf shops. We get good laughs.


This part of the post is the Before and After section. As you know, last year Galveston was hit by Hurricane Ike. I was still shocked at some of the devastation left from the storm. Enjoy the before and afters.

The beach house we stay in suffered quite a bit of damage on the bottom half and had already had some repairs done to it. Thankfully, nothing was damaged inside. However, the beach is now their backyard. See what a mean.


This picture was taken from down on the beach. There once was about a 10 foot sea wall and about 200 yards (at least) to the beach from the house.

This is the bridge that took you down to the beach.


There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to the house and you can see that the beach is right up to the house.

This is a pier that was right off the sea wall.



It is no longer there. Instead this is what it looks like.

Here are just some pictures of some of the damage that is still waiting to be repaired.

This is the house right next to the house we stay in. It looks A LOT worse in person but you can still see a lot of the damage it sustained.

This is the new Murdocks. The last was just as big and GONE. AMAZING!

Another popular place on the east end of the island. On Stewart Beach.

This is the famous Flagship hotel. It has been there a long time.

Can you see in the top left the bed and mirror?

Here's a truck stuck on a fishing pier.

It's just amazing how much damage water can do. It's scary to think what those people were going through. Thankfully it wasn't worse than it was.

I leave you with our group effort of making a sand castle.

Thanks for sticking with me. We have been so busy but I need to take the time to update more. Next update will be about our 4th of July and there will be a post you won't want to miss. It just shows how GREAT our GOD is. Stay tuned.