Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's get caught up....

The girls and I made it back from Oklahoma last Sunday afternoon. We had a lot of fun in Oklahoma City seeing all our family and a few friends. We got back in time to unpack the car, rest for a couple of hours, then Madeline and I headed off to our first night of VBS at church. I worked with one of the "going into Kindergarten" groups. We had so much fun. This was the first year that Madeline was old enough to go and she absolutely LOVED it.

Madeline holding the beach ball during VBS service.

Inside the auditorium during VBS.

Madeline and her friend Rileigh that she invited to come with her.

In other news, we have been trying to get all the bags unpacked and the laundry caught up. When I came home from Oklahoma, Brad was painting the entry way. It's looking good but now I need to start putting some stuff back on the walls. We are slowly getting there with all the painting. We have the formal dining and living, family room, kitchen, and our bedroom to go. UGH!!! I really hate painting. I've been trying to get my little brother here for ever to paint because he is so amazing at it. Maybe he'll make it here to do the RED I want in the kitchen. Leave the hard work for the professional.
Let's see what else have we been doing. Oh, Madeline's friend Rachel (next door) got a Wii for her birthday and let's just say the kids can't get the adults off of it. It's quite addicting and SO MUCH fun. Brad and I want one. We even had a Wii tournament night Friday night. I have never, nor has Brad, ever been into video games until now. The neighbors are going to get tired of us...HA!
I also have some exciting news to share (I hope I don't get into trouble for putting this on here) but I am going to be an aunt again. Yes, you read that right. My older brother, Aaron and his girlfriend of almost tree years are having a baby in late Jan/early Feb. I am SO EXCITED. I love Jaime and her son Garrett and am excited that there will be another little one running around. Really I can't wait to see my semi-neurotic brother with a child.
Ok, well I've rambled enough but I do want to continue to ask for prayers for Chad and Kelly as they said their final goodbye to their precious son yesterday. Today is his Celebration of Life which I know will be so powerful. They are amazing people with amazing strength. I got an awesome email from Chad's mom last night telling me about their family graveside service yesterday and how at peace they all are. I can't imagine but I do know that OUR GOD IS GOOD!!!
Have a great week!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Please Pray...

Tonight, just a little before 6:30, my friends dear son Brayden Lane Kositzky went to be with the father in Heaven. God called another one of his little angels home. As you can imagine, these next few days, weeks, and months are going to be hard on them but with God's grace they will rejoice in the 77 days they had with him. Isn't it ironic that God brought him home on his 77th day of life. I will update more in a day or two. Love you all...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A trip to the doctor...

Yes, that's right, we went to the doctor this morning. This time however, it was NOT for ME. Thank goodness. Madeline has been complaining off and on of her left ear hurting for the past week. Yesterday while she was swimming she REALLY complained that it hurt when she went under water. Being the great mom (sarcasm here) that I am, I called the doc. and made an appointment. We went to the doctor this morning at 11:15 and found out that it's NOT an ear infection but that it IS swimmers ear. What does that mean? Basically that she cannot swim for FIVE days...UGH! Madeline was not happy when the doctor told us this and when the doctor walked out of the room to go write the script for the meds to help her ear she said to me, "Mom, I'm really mad and not liking this ear (pointing to the left ear) right now." "It's making me not be able to swim for A LONG time." Sorry dear. So I guess we will stay out of the water for the next few days which is going to not be fun for her. Luckily today she is spending the entire afternoon at gymnastics camp. While she is there, Macy and I are going to run some errands that I need to do before we leave for OKC.
I want to ask all of you before I go today, please keep my friends Chad and Kelly in your prayers. They were preparing to be able to take sweet Brayden home this week when things changed drastically for them Monday evening. Read their blog (Kositzky family) on the side of my page to know the "Specifics". Hope you all have a great rest of the week. My week will consist of finishing all laundry, packing, cleaning, and heading to OK. YEA!!
*EDIT* I'm asking for all PRAYER WARRIORS, my friends sweet son has taken a drastic turn today. He is currently on life support fighting for his life. I am praying for GOD'S WILL for his life but also strength for Chad and Kelly. I can't begin to imagine the worry, fear, stress, heartache that goes along with watching your child struggle and not being able to do anything to help. PRAYER WORKS!!
Take care and we love you all....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making some changes....

I have to admit I am getting totally sucked into the world of blogging. I read a hundred (maybe that's an exaggeration) a day. There are many that I enjoy and get inspiration from. I'm slowly going to add some of my favorites (besides the ones I already have listed). I also changed my page around some. I'm trying to learn how to do all the "NEAT BLOGGY" things. So tell me, what do you think?

Now for the real reason (I hope) that you come to my blog, to find out what the Mueller's are doing. To tell you the truth, not a whole lot. Madeline has been "Bored out of her mind" as she's told me on a number of occasions. I wonder where she's heard that phrase before. So yesterday I went on a mission. What kind of mission you ask? I began trying to find different activities for Madeline to do. I came up with two different weeks of Vacation Bible Schools for her, several days full of gymnastics camps, and play dates with friends. I have to admit, I have been SO LAZY so far this summer. I just haven't felt like doing much. I need to just toughen up. We are going to Oklahoma this Friday and spending TEN days. That should keep her VERY busy. We are going to spend time with Brad's family the first part of the trip along with throwing some visits to our friends on the North side of OKC and then the second half of the trip will be spent with my family and friends on the southside. I am throwing a baby shower on the 21st for my dearest friend, Kristie from junior high/high school/college/etc. She is expecting her first child, a boy, in late July. So we will have a packed schedule while we are there but I always enjoy seeing my family and friends. Sorry there isn't much to tell you about so I guess I will leave you with a video of my precious girls. Oh wait, I think I forgot to tell you that a tornado went through my house and this is what the aftermath looked like...

This is what happens when TWO girls play upstairs in the playroom. Yes, I had a fit when I saw this. However, it did get cleaned up and now the room is back in order.

Now for the girls....

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday already?

First I want to say again, Thank you to all of you who called, emailed, etc on me last week. I am feeling good for the most part. Still having a little discomfort now and then but not as consistant as it was. Thursday I spent a lot of time in the bed not feeling well. I am still having some bad headaches and nausea (which I'm thinking is caused from the headaches). The doctor did call on Friday (left a message on machine) saying that all the biopsies came back neg. so to continue on the meds and let's see how the symptoms get. He thinks most of the problems I am having is from the lack of no longer having my gall bladder. He said some people do fine without and others have the same problems that I am having and most of the time the meds can help. I'm hoping so. Friday I felt much better. Madeline had her friend Paige over all day and they played and swam non stop. They were both worn out. Saturday morning we spent most of the morning doing yard work and it is sure looking nice. We then went to our neighbors son baseball game, came home and laid by the pool, and grilled out hamburgers that evening. Sunday we went to church, came home changed clothes and headed to the Texas Rangers game. Brad's work invited our family to come to the game and spend it in the suite with them. Now that is the way to watch the game, inside or outside. We had all kinds of food, ice cream sundaes in the baseball hats, the girls loved it and would you believe that I forgot the camera so NO PICTURES...UGH!! Overall we had a great weekend. I'm thinking maybe an early morning trip to the zoo this week might be fun. It's only the 2nd week into the summer and Madeline is already saying she bored. I'm going to have to find some VBS for her to go to during the day to keep her occupied. That is a look at our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one too. Check back with you later in the week.