Sunday, June 7, 2009

Water Day, Kindergarten Graduation, Last Day of School, and A Surgery

(Warning-This post will contain A LOT of pictures)

The title says it all. Those are the things we have been busy with since I last updated. I have been HORRIBLE about updating on here. I never have the time or the WANT to sit at the computer and put into words what has been going on. However, I want these memories on "paper". I'm hoping that during the summer (even though we are EXTREMELY busy) I will update more frequently. So lets get started.

The end of May brought what Madeline said, "Was ONE of her favorite days of Kindergarten." It was water day. Being the homeroom mom for her class, there was A LOT of planning and organizing to make this day such a success for the kids. They all had a blast. We had 10 different stations that the kids spent 10 minutes at. We had shaving cream , a sprinkler, bounce house with a big slide and pool, marble pool, watermelon seed spitting, water balloon race, slip n slide, sponge race, bubbles, Popsicles/sidewalk chalk. I think the two favorites were the shaving cream and the bounce house. Here is Madeline having her fun.

Before leaving for school.

During the sponge race.

"Shaving" her legs. I told her not to get any ideas..HA!

Madeline and her good friend, Tyler, covered in shaving cream.

Madeline at the bottom of the water slide.

Water Balloon Race.


Wee... That is water day. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Next, we had Kindergarten Graduation. I can't believe she has already completed her first year of school. We were so blessed this year with Madeline's teacher. I prayed that she would have a Godly example and that is just what we got. She loved the kids and they all loved her. Madeline was sad to have to say goodbye to Mrs. Logsdon. Luckily, she goes to church with us and lives 3 blocks away. So we will still see her this summer. Madeline had all M's on her report card. Which means that she mastered everything she was supposed to. She is already reading on a 1st grade level. The goal was for the kids to complete up to List 5 in sight words, Madeline ended the year on List 12. She has such a apt for learning. She really enjoys school. During the graduation they sang 3 precious songs and did a poem using the letters in kindergarten. They were all so cute. Look how grown up she looked on her special day.

Before heading to Graduation.

Me with the Graduate and the little sister.

Madeline's picture on the slide show.

Standing so straight and proud.

I told her to smile up on stage and she did.

She had a speaking part during the graduation and she did SO GOOD. Standing in front of a LARGE group of people speaking is not her thing.

Receiving her diploma.


Our family.

This isn't the best video. I couldn't get it to turn upright. It's cute regardless. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday, June 3rd was the last day of school. Madeline was sad to say goodbye to her friends and Mrs. Logsdon but SO EXCITED for summer. I decided it would be cute for Madeline to wear to school on the last day what she wore on the first day. The clothes fit a little tighter than they did the first day but it was so fun to compare how much she has changed in the past 9 months. What do you think? Can you tell which one is the first day and which one is the last?

Which one is the first day and which one is the last day?

Do you know yet?

If you guessed the first picture is the last day, you are..........................


She has changed some. Don't you think? She looks a lot older to me. When people tell you to enjoy your little ones because they grow up right underneath you, they are SO RIGHT. These first 6 years have flown. When they announced that Madeline's class will be the Graduating class of 2021 we kinda chuckled because that seems like FOREVER a way. I know it will be here before we know it. Summer has BEGAN!! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Now, for the not so fun part. Surgery. Macy had surgery on Monday, June 1st. She had a SECOND set of tubes put in and her adenoids taken out. She did FANTASTIC. I was really dreading the surgery, mainly because of the recovery room. Last time, she was very inconsolable, angry, and frustrated. All that is normal for a child coming out of anesthesia. It's confusing and hard for them. This time however, Macy did great. She cried a little but was very easily consoled. We got there at about 6:15 and checked in. A little before 7:00 they called us back to get her hooked to a heart monitor, ask a million health questions, and get her dressed in her space gown. After a little bit, they brought in her "giggle juice". She was pretty funny. They give that to them so that when the time comes to be taken away from me she doesn't really care. They took us to the waiting room and about 20 minutes later the doctor came out and said everything went very well. Another 20 minutes and we were in the recovery room with her. After about 30-45 minutes, some apple juice, a cup of water, and 1 rainbow Popsicle she was ready to go. She wanted to be taken to the car in the wagon. Macy thought that was very cool.

Being taken to surgery. No Worries (from her). Momma was a nervous wreck.

A wagon ride to the car.

Recovering at home with her friends. A funny video of Macy on "giggle Juice" Excuse our voices in the background.

Now you are caught up on what has been going on in our household. We are enjoying the pool and having no schedules. We have a vacation coming up so that will probably be the next post...until then.