Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's a small world....

Yesterday, I went to the DREADED WALMART to do my grocery shopping. I know that Friday's are normally very busy at Walmart and yesterday was no different. However, we had NO FOOD in our house. When your 5 year old opens the pantry doors to find a snack and says "There is nothing in here to eat mom." it's time to get some groceries. After dropping Madeline off at school, Macy and I headed to do the one thing I hate the most....getting groceries.
I'm going up and down the aisles, grabbing the things off my list (and maybe a few extras) when I see a very familiar face coming at me. Racking my brain very quickly, I try to think where I know this lady from. I look down at her TWO BEAUTIFUL daughters when I recognize the oldest one. Could it really be who I think it is? It comes to me that she is a blogger as well. I read (blog lurk) LOTS of blogs and hers was one of them. Is it really her or just a VERY SIMILAR look alike. If I go up to her, ask her if she is who I think she is and she's not, then I'm some CRAZY person. If I'm right, then WOW! I just met a fellow blogger that I love reading her blog. As I continue shopping, I past her a few more times but still chose to say nothing. However, I couldn't wait to get home, log in to the computer, send her a message asking if it was her. My instincts were RIGHT!! It was her, it was The Flying Mum. I was turned onto her site through Kelly's Korner, some time ago. I read as she prepared to have her second child and now has two precious daughters.
Now I'm kicking myself wishing I'd have said something to her. Come to find out after emailing a few times back and forth we live about two neighborhoods apart. Small world huh? Have you ever ran into a fellow blogger?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We met for the first time....

I FINALLY got to meet my niece and let me tell you, SHE IS PRECIOUS!! Luckily for me, it was time for her to eat as soon as we got there, so of course, I stepped up and fed her. I did have my brother hanging over my shoulder trying to tell me how to do it. I have had TWO babies that took a bottle so I think I know what I'm doing. I guess he's just that protective. OH MY!! I loved sitting there listening to all her squeaks and grunts. She is so tiny and OH SO CUTE!! Have I said that already. Well she is, she's beautiful...See for yourself......

Madeline holding Baby Lyric

Me feeding her. Sorry my mom cut half my head off.

Macy loved holding Lyric. She was so gentle with her. However, you'd think Lyric was a dog the way Macy kept petting her. It was precious.

She was trying to go to sleep but Papa was trying to keep her awake.

Peeking to see if he's still there.

Finally she says, "I'm awake crazy man."

All the cousins. (Macy(2), Garrett(8), Lyric(1 month), and Madeline(5))

I didn't get to spend near the time I'd of liked to spend with her because our trip was a short one but we will be back during Spring Break and I intend on seeing her more. Also, please keep Lyric in your prayers. She has a knot on the side of her neck that they aren't sure what it is. She went to an ENT specialist on Monday but he didn't know what it was. He was going to consult with a colleague and discuss what it could be. Please pray that it is nothing and that it will go away quickly.

While we were in Oklahoma we were fortunate to spend time with ALL of my in-laws. It worked out that my sister in law and brother in law were in town from Tulsa so we got to see them as well. My sister in law is now 13 weeks pregnant and doing VERY well. She has had NO sickness (Not fair) and has gained NO weight. YAY for you Mich! The doctor she goes to does a 3D/4D ultrasound at EVERY visit. Isn't that CRAZY!! She's not even high risk he just does it that way. This last visit he was leaning towards a baby girl. HOWEVER, my sister in law and I, after looking at the ultrasound pictures decided that the "girl part" he was pointing at looked more like her little BOYS ultrasound picture. HA! In a few weeks hopefully they will get a better look and know for sure. I can't wait to start shopping. We also got to spend a lot of time with nephew, Austen. He amazes me at how much he changes each time we see him. He's not a little boy anymore. He's starting to talk more and more and getting quite the personality. He is 19 months. Madeline just adores him and they played pretty much non stop.

Just Austen...Can you tell he is saying "CHEESE!" Anytime he sees the camera he immediately starts yelling CHEESE!!

Playing with Madeline....

They look as though they could be siblings with their blond hair. I love this picture. I love the static in Austen's hair.

They love to play rough together.

I love how he is trying to do what Madeline is doing.

The girls had a great time in Oklahoma. They always love going and don't want to leave. They played outside at Nana and Papa's, rode the 4-wheeler with Mommy, went "exploring for treasures", chased Willie (my parent's golden retriever) and tormented Hunter (Hub's parent's golden retriever), went shopping with all the girls, met their newest cousin, played dress up, played on the swing sets at both grandparents, ate smores cooked over the fire, and got spoiled as usual. Can you blame them for not wanting to come home with just daddy and mommy. HA!

Here are the girls in their dress up attire.....

Aren't they too funny!!

When I got back into town on Sunday afternoon I received some very upsetting news from Hubs. During church that morning our pastor, whom we all LOVE, told the congregation that he was being called back to Kentucky to the church he grew up in. It wasn't something that he was looking for but the Lord spoke to him and he felt this is what he needs to do at this time. Although we have only been attending this church for 2.5 years we have grown close to him and love the way he speaks. He is an amazing man and that church is lucky to have him. I'm not good with change. I like things to stay the same especially in this instance. I have to admit, my first thoughts were I don't want to go through having to find a new pastor and the process of it all...We are going to have to find a new church. Then I stopped and listened to what God had to say. Stay put, there is a reason for all that he does. There is another GODLY man and family that was planned for our church. God will provide him and we will all be blessed. Please be in prayer that our search goes smoothly and that in the transition time we will all stay focused on HIM and not on the sadness and hurt we feel for our current pastor leaving.

Have a great week...

Monday, February 16, 2009

He's growing...

Cooper has been a part of our family for a little over a week now and I must say he has adjusted WELL. He acts as if he's been here his whole life and thus far, it feels like we've had him a lot longer than just a week. You forget (or at least I did) just how much WORK a puppy is. It's worse than having a newborn baby. The girls are really taken with him. Riley, well, he's still trying to adjust to having a little brother around. We are really trying to work with him on potty training. I thought I had gotten through with potty training when I completed Macy's training in Sept. I was wrong. Cooper is WAY MORE work than Macy EVER was....Ha!! Hopefully, he'll get there....SOON!!! We are also trying to work with crate training him at night. He cries for about 10 -15 minutes STRAIGHT when we first put him in there at night and then wakes up about 3.5 hours later needing to go out and potty. Then it's 10-15 minutes of crying again when we put him back in there. We've started taking all food and water away at about 8:00 to help with him being able to hold it longer. Any other ideas from you that have a dog that is crate trained would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. We're new at this crate training stuff. So as you can imagine, we are all a little bit sleep deprived and tired. We'll get there though. Look how much he has already grown.......

Macy loving on Cooper.

Madeline and Cooper.

Here's Cooper trying to get Macy's feet while she swings. Macy thought it was so funny.

Here's what Riley does to Cooper when they play. He gets him on his back and then stands over him like he's the boss.

This is how you find Cooper sleeping about 95% of the time. He's pretty funny!

One tired little man.

Madeline had her big Valentine's party at school on Friday. Since I'm the Room Mom I had lots of planning and decorating to do to get ready for it. The kids had a great time and loved all the treats they got. It doesn't take much to excite a group of 5 & 6 year olds.

Madeline with the hat she decorated before the party started.

Madeline and Mommy at the party.

Madeline and her friend, Tyler.

Hubs and I went out with our neighbors on Valentine's Day. We had a yummy dinner (No holds barred). Since we've been doing the South Beach we haven't eaten much "YUMMY" food so we went all out at dinner. We started off with crab dip for an appetizer. Then for dinner, I had 3 different kinds of fried shrimp (regular, Parmesan pancko, and coconut), french fries, (first fry since Jan 1), and the best 6 layer Chocolate cake with ice cream. YUMMY!! Hubs had crab cakes, fries, cole slaw, and the cake. We were BEYOND stuffed but it was SO WORTH IT. However, today it's back on the diet.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines weekend with your loved one. Have a great week.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's just getting worse...

Ok, so I'm really bad about blogging on this thing. I can't figure out what my deal is. Could it be that I've not felt well, my youngest hasn't felt well, I'm chasing a PUPPY EVERYWHERE, trying to keep a clean house, trying to plan a Valentine's party for my oldest child's kindergarten class, and trying to relax some too. There just isn't enough time in the day.
However, we are still enjoying (AT TIMES) Cooper. He has definitely found his ornery side and shows it FULL FORCE. He is into everything, takes everything and runs, bites on the girls ankles as they run and scream/laugh (he thinks they are playing), and not to mention trying to potty train...OH MY!! Any tips would be MUCH WELCOMED at this point. Riley was nothing like this dog. All in all though, we wouldn't trade him for the world. He is so much fun and that's exactly what he's all about....FUN!!
We've had another busy week. Macy hasn't been feeling just real great all week. She's had a little bit of a cough, congestion, and low grade fever so that's kept us in a lot more than I needed to be. Today, she did go to school because it was her Valentine's party and she was not about to miss that. She was so excited about all the candy and cards she got. Madeline has her party tomorrow and I will be so glad when it is over. I am the room mom for her class so I have spent this week trying to gather all the stuff needed for the party to decorate, eat, and made 23 foam frames. After tomorrow afternoon, I hope to rest.
Now, I'm going to take a paragraph of my own blog to BRAG on my Madeline. I can do that because this is my blog and well, I want to document important things that happen. So here I go. Today while I was at the school trying to get some last minute things for the party ready and talking to Madeline's WONDERFUL teacher she told me to come out into the hall that she wanted to show me something. We went to the hallway and on the walls the kids had written stories about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. She had asked them to write a sentence on each one telling something about them. Madeline wrote TWO PAGES on both. Her writing looked so good and she did a fabulous job on her spelling. Her teacher was very impressed with her and bragged that she was WAY ready for 1st grade and that in fact she could send her there (kidding). I told her, "NO WAY, she's staying with you and then next year could you move to 1st grade?" She is already reading at a 1st grade beginning level her teacher said. We are so proud of her and hope that she keeps this up ALL THE WAY THROUGH HER SCHOOLING YEARS! She gets it from her daddy. Thanks for letting me brag.
This blog is all over the place, can you tell? I've been pretty scatter brained as of lately. Don't know why. Some of you have asked if Hubs and I are still on the South Beach diet? The answer: Yes and No. We aren't following it TO THE T (like in the beginning) but are doing good and still making healthier choices. Remember, we started the diet on Jan. 1st. Hubs has lost 18 pounds and I have lost 15 pounds. It's a little harder on Hubs to do the diet strictly because he has been working some long hours at work and they have been bringing food in and well, it isn't always the healthiest choices but he tries his best to still be good. I'm still proud of us though.
That is us and all that is happening. Hope you all have a LOVELY Valentine's and get to spend it doing something fun with your Loved one. We are going to dinner with some friends and I don't know what else. We have a sitter for the entire evening so the possibilities are open.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A new addition to the family.....

Let me introduce to you.......

Yes, that's right, we have a new member in the family in way of a bassett hound puppy. He is an early SURPRISE valentine's present for Hubs. As many of you know, we lost our 14 year old bassett hound in Nov. Hubs has always wanted another bassett so I decided to surprise him. I went to the breeder yesterday and FELL IN LOVE. He is the cutest thing ever. I must say that Hubs, was quite surprised when he got home and I gave him his Valentine's day card and in it it said "I hope you enjoy your present" He even made the comment, "Oh honey, a new puppy." (not knowing there was one laying asleep in the corner). I said, "Don't you wish." "Go open the sack by Macy." He walked over and saw Cooper laying there in deep slumber. HE WAS SHOCKED!! Even asking a few times, "Who does it belong to?" However, it didn't take him long to warm up and love on him. (as you will see in the picture below). He's starting to show that ornery puppy side today. Yesterday, he spent the evening getting adjusted to his new home. We are also dog sitting our friends female bassett, Maggie. Thank goodness, because Cooper thinks she just like his momma. Our beagle, Riley is still warming up to the whole idea of having a little brother. He's been pretty good with him, so far. Only a few little snaps when he's had enough of Cooper crawling on top of him. We've only had one small tee tee accident in the house. It's definitely different having a little guy in the house again. It's been over 9 years since we've had a puppy and even then it was just Hubs and I. We are already so in love with this little guy. I'll let you know what I think in a few more days once the biting and chewing start...HA!!! Oh the joys of puppies. Funny story.....

This morning I hear Macy screaming NO! NO! There are times when she is a little bit scared of Maggie. So I try to call Maggie and she doesn't come. I go in the living room to find Macy screaming at Cooper who is trying to use Macy's thigh as a chew toy. He has her pinned her chair. Poor little girl. So now anytime Cooper comes towards her she yells no and jumps to higher ground.

More of Cooper....

Playing with Maggie.

Tired as can be.

Look at those ears and those paws..SO CUTE!!

Plain tuckered out.

Cuddled up with daddy.

We are going to have a weekend of playing and cleaning...Hope yours is great too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So bad...

I have been HORRIBLE lately about updating this blog but honestly there hasn't been much going on and I haven't felt good. However, I did get some new DARLING pictures of my niece last night that I MUST share with you all...Take a look at this princess.

Doesn't this one make your heart melt? Big brother and Little sister. PRECIOUS!!!

I'm finally getting over the cold/allergies/sinus whatever. I went to the doctor on Wednesday to discuss with her the problems I'm having with my shoulder/neck. She did x-rays and some range/motion tests on the shoulder. She wants to do some physical therapy for 3 weeks with a special medicated ultrasound therapy and after that look at the shoulder again. If I'm still having the pain then we are going to do injection right into the shoulder itself. If that doesn't fix it and I'm still having pain the next step is surgery. I don't want it to come to that but I will if it means no more pain. So let's hope PT works. As for the allergies, she said that I may need to have some allergy testing done if I'm having to continue doing the FOUR allergy regimens just to keep myself "cleared up". It may come to having to take allergy shots. I'll be like you, Brad. HA!!

The girls are doing great. Madeline celebrated her 100th day of school today. I was the parent volunteer for the day so I got to join in on all the fun festivities. The kids were all SUPER EXCITED, as they got to have a snack in class. That's always a big plus for kindergartners. We are having some nice (above average) weather here in Texas. It's been in the 60's and supposed to be in the 70's this weekend. The girls are loving it because they get to play outside.
I need to start my spring cleaning because it's going to take me all spring to get it done..HA!!!

OK, I have a question for you all...This August, Hubs and I will celebrate our 10 YEAR anniversary. I can't believe it's been 10 years. That sounds like such a long time. We are starting to think of a place to go celebrate. Have any of you been to a place (besides VEGAS) that you just loved? We're open to any and all suggestions. Looking forward to hearing about some great places.