Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been Tagged...

So my friend Amber, tagged me.

Here are the rules:

*Link to the person who tagged you.
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Okay, coming up with 6 random things about myself....Let's see

1. I have to sleep on a certain side of the bed. No matter where I am or who I'm sleeping with.

2. I take my shower the same way, each way. (Wash hair with shampoo, wash body with soap, rinse off shampoo and soap, condition hair, shave, rinse hair)

3. I only eat the white part of eggs. (unless they are scrambled)

4. I play with the top of the sheet to help me go to sleep at night. (Did I just admit to that?)

5. I'm a bit OCD.

6. I have to check the doors at least 3 times at night to make sure they are locked, and I check on the girls 3 times before going to bed myself.

So now I'm tagging.....
Amber, Jaime, Amy W., Katie, Laura, Alyson

Come on girls, don't let me down....

We are heading to Oklahoma to be with family for the holidays. I hope you all take the time to think about what you are truly thankful for. I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Safe travels to all traveling. May God bless all your families......


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's the little things....

I've been a lazy blogger this week...Mainly because there hasn't been much going on, at least news worthy, until tonight.
My neighbor and I decided we needed to get out and do a little shopping. I had a few gifts in mind that I knew I wanted to get. So we leave the girls with her oldest daughter while we head out shopping. It's SO NICE to go shopping with NO KIDS!! I know all you moms agree.
We load up, drive in a nice quiet car with just the radio on my favorite Christian station, and talk about what all we need to get once we arrive. As we arrive, we climb out of the car and proceed to walk into the store when I look down and notice something blue clinging to my jeans. As I investigate what it could be, I notice that is non other than a BLUE CINDERELLA FRUIT SNACK. You know you are a mother of little ones when you are walking around with a fruit snack stuck on your pants. I smiled and thought, Macy must have wanted me to know she was missing me....HA! We laughed and I thanked God for my girls. We shopped for TWO HOURS, unintentionally, but I did get a lot of shopping out of the way. That's always a good thing. On another note, I am almost COMPLETELY finished with my Christmas shopping. I'm hoping to get it ALL done this weekend. How about you? Are you finished? Even started?
I love this time of year. The crisp, cool air. The leaves falling on the ground, the sound of Christmas music playing in the stores, the holidays spent with family, and most of all the THREAT OF SANTA CLAUSE! What do I mean by that? I may be making myself look like a HORRIBLE parent by saying what I am about to admit to. BUT!!! I threaten my kids with Santa Clause. I remind them (mainly Madeline, Macy doesn't quite understand yet) Santa is watching to see if they are being good or bad and if they deserve toys or coal this year. Go ahead, tell me I am the worst parent EVER. I know!! Here's what happened when I used it tonight on Madeline....
Let me set the mood for you. We were finishing dinner when she began whining (haven't a clue about what but she was whining).

Me: Madeline, stop whining please.
Madeline: I'm not whining (in a whining voice)
Me: You are. Remember that it's starting to be that time of year when Santa Clause is watching all the boys and girls to see if they are being naughty or nice.
Madeline: I know.
Me: Well then you'd better be nice and not be whiny or he's not going to bring you any toys.
Madeline: (in a smart alec tone) I don't care if I get coal.
Me: You don't, well ok then.
Madeline: Christmas isn't about toys anyways, it's about JESUS.
Me:(shocked and so proud) You're absolutely right Madeline, it is about Jesus and he is the reason we have Christmas. (I give her a big hug and tell her I love her for the person she is)

Like the title says, It's the little things. I am so thankful for the children that God has placed in my life. I read many blogs daily. Many of my favorites are people who are struggling with infertility, or have recently lost a child, or just found out they are pregnant after months and even years of trying. I am touched by each story I read. My heart breaks for them but I know that God has plans for each one of them and we have to remember that it's all HIS timing and HIS will. I want each of you to know that I pray for you all daily. Each night I sit in bed with my prayer list in front of me and ask GOD to bless each and every one of you in a way that is HIS WAY. I pray that in whatever way HE chooses that each of you will experience this amazing thing called Motherhood. I can't say I completely understand how you feel or what you are going through. But I can tell you, I know what it's like to lose a child and I do know what it's like to wonder if there will ever be another. You can read about my story here. I can understand the pain you feel and the struggles you have, maybe not to the same extent but I feel that pain daily for the one I lost. Each day I look at my two beautiful girls and thank God that he chose me to be their "earthly" mother but I also know they are HIS. Be patient, have faith, and continue to trust in him to direct your path. HIS WAY IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN OURS!!!!

I love these two girls...

Dear God,

Thank you for the gifts in my life. You have blessed me beyond words and I only hope I can be the kind of mother you would have me to be. I treasure these girls like no other. Thank you Lord....

Please keep Jake and Erica in your prayers. They are having a memorial for their three precious babies on Friday and then will be bringing them home. I spoke with Erica today and she sounded so good. She is such a strong woman but like we talked about today it's all because she leans on someone higher, GOD!! They are taking a much needed vacation together and then Erica will be going back to work towards the end of Dec. Please pray for her emotionally and mentally that she will be ok. She had prepared not to have to go back to work because she would have the triplets to care for and now that she is going back to work it's a reminder that they are no longer here. Lift them up. Thank you for your prayers...Enjoy your vacation Jake and Erica.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Not much is happening...

We had a pretty low key weekend. Friday night we got together with our best friends/neighbors and played Mexican Train until midnight. We always have the best time with them. It's so nice to have great friends, especially ones that live right next door.

Saturday we got up and around and then went to Garden Ridge. Those of you that don't know what Garden Ridge is, it's like a craft store and home decor store. We had ONE mission when going to Garden Ridge. Mission Inflatable Christmas Decoration. What's that you ask? It's this....

During Halloween time there were several houses throughout our neighborhood that had these inflatables in their yards and Macy was infatuated with them. There was one house that had two of them about 5 houses down. Every night we'd have to walk down there to see them. So, I decided for Christmas we were going to buy our own to put in our yard and that way all she'd have to do is go out there to see it. Garden Ridge had them on sale for $59.00. That's cheap folks. They are normally around $125.00. We got to Garden Ridge and started looking at all the ones on display trying to decide which one would be perfect. The girls were oohing and aahing over them all when next thing we know the stock boys are up on the platform DEFLATING them all as people stood below. I'm thinking, What is going on? Luckily, my smart husband realizes that they are now having to sell the displays because that is all that is left. In all the choas, he claims us an inflatable and the world (girls) are happy.
We got home and Macy IMMEDIANTLY wanted in "blowed up". Being a great dad, hubs blows it up in the backyard for the girls to see. Our world was a super happy world.
That evening I went to my neighbors for a Silpada jewlery party. They have such beautiful jewlery. We had a great time (just the girls). After the party a few of us got in the hot tub which felt WONDERFUL since it was about 40 degrees outside. After soaking in there for a hour and a half we went in to watch a scary movie, Dead Silence. It was VERY SCARY!!

Sunday we went to church and then came home and I took a 2.5 hour nap. It felt so good. I love lazy Sunday afternoons. Sunday nights, I teach the kindergarten class so I NEED that nap. HA! We have a lot of fun. Today will be spent catching up on all the laundry that I didn't do this weekend. I don't understand why laundry seems NEVER ENDING. I hope you all have a great week.

Few more pictures of the girls with the inflatable....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simply AMAZING...

My brother's girlfriend just shared this video with me and I found it to be TRULY AMAZING!! I love the song....Scroll down on my page and pause the music player so you can hear this video. Get ready to be wow'd.

Amazing Video..

What did you think?

She woke up early....

So this morning, Macy woke up before the rest of us (Madeline and myself) and I guess decided she would play with the dogs. When I got up this is what I found.

Yes, that is our "old man", Buford. She got him 2 blankets to cover up with, a book, and a stuffed toy. She was taking such good care of them. She had Riley covered up too but as soon as I walked in the room he jumped up. I guess he's too "manly" to be seen covered with blankets and a stuffed duck laying next to him. Buford is too old and lazy to move.
Not much else going on today...Macy had swim lessons this morning and did fabulous once again. I'll leave you with another short video of her swimming. We are so proud of her. I can't wait to see her this summer swimming all over the pool.

In this video you can hear that her teacher is trying to get her to use her arms more. She's doing good. Trying to get a 2 year old to use her arms and feet at the same time...WHOA!!

The week is half way over....Girls Night is Saturday night...YIPPIE!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I give to you.....

November Student of the Month

Madeline Paige Mueller

That's right, Madeline was chosen by her teacher as the Student of the Month. We are very proud of her for such a great accomplishment this early in the school year. Way to go, sweetheart. She was honored at the PTA meeting last night. Now we know how they get all the parents at these meetings, give their children an award. HA! However, last night was a good meeting. They had an inspirational speaker by the name of Dennis Mitchell that spoke on the topic of "Strategies for Parent Sanity in the Home". He was a very good speaker. He made it humorous, related to us all, and gave us wonderful tips/ideas to use at home with our children. I tried some of them today on Madeline and I'm happy to report they worked. He does seminars for parents and educators. So if you are looking for a speaker he is good.

My mother in law came to town for a few days and the girls had the best time. They worked puzzles, colored lots, we went shopping, read LOTS of books, and they made a ginger bread house.

. They were sad to see her go. I took Macy to MDO this morning while Gramme and Madeline finished the house. When Macy got home she ran into the bedroom, kitchen, and yelled upstairs for Gramme. She wanted to know where she was. I must say she was a little sad when I told her she went back to Oklahoma. She quickly said, "She come back and see me soon." They love visitors. I guess they get bored with plain ole' mom. Tomorrow is swim lessons for Macy. She is so excited. She will ask me everyday, "Do I go to sim class today?" She was happy when I told her tonight that we would be going in the morning.

Nothing else new happening with us. Brad is still liking his new job and new car. He got a new car a few weeks ago and has been loving it. We were sad to say goodbye to the Accord but it was getting up there in years and it was time to let it go. Here's what he got...

It's a Nissan Altima. Madeline calls it Daddy's fast car. Macy hasn't gotten to ride in it yet. She just likes to get in it and play.

I hope you all are enjoying your week. We have had some raining cooler weather and I hear it's supposed to get REAL COLD by the weekend. I'm not a fan of REAL COLD weather but I guess I'd better get ready for it.

Edit: I do not know why the typing is so large at the beginning of this post. I have tried everything to change it to no avail...Sorry! Lucky for those of you that can't see well...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

If you like Music and you like A Capella...

WATCH THIS!! I found this on another blog and thought it was pretty AMAZING. Why can't I have talent liket this...Let me know what you think....

Click here to watch

Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought about it.

We are nearing the end....

Of the weekend that is. We got a lot of the things we've been meaning to get done. Brad spent about 4 hours mowing/scalping the yard yesterday morning. Look at all the bags of grass he got.

He worked long and hard and was covered in dry grass but it's done now. I know he feels good about it because he keeps walking out there and looking at it. A man and his yard. HA! I cleaned house and organized the office closet...UGH!! Now that was about a 2 hours chore. It's amazing how much "junk" you collect. It's still jam packed full of stuff but it looks a little less chaotic. Makes me feel better at least. That is my next job to continue cleaning out closets, drawers, and cabinets. It's a much overdue chore that needs to take place. Let's see, what else did we do yesterday? We changed all the burned out light bulbs, hung a few pictures, and had dinner with the neighbors. Not too bad for a days work. Oh and the girls and I indulged in a favorite snack of ours....

Popcorn with M&M's. Have you ever tried this?

I was a little skeptical at first when my neighbor told me she did it but then I tried it and YUMMY!! You know how you like something salty and then you always want something sweet to go with it (well I do at least) you have the best of both worlds...Try it next time. I know, I know, it's not the healthiest of snacks but when your not feeling well and you need a little pick me have it. Let me know what you think?

I am still fighting this head cold/chest congestion yuck. I thought I was finally starting to get over it about Thursday and then BAM it hit me hard early Sat. morning. I'm ready for all the sickness to leave our household. The girls are finally over all there yuck. Madeline has A LITTLE cough but it's much better. Hubs still has a little cough and congestion in his chest.

My mother in law is coming to stay a couple days with us. The girls are super excited. They love to have visitors. Should be another busy week. Hope you all had a great weekend. I want to thank ALL OF YOU who have sent sweet messages to me and to Jake and Erica. I know they read everyone of them and find comfort in the words. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

I leave you with the girls....

Madeline wanted to pose with the pumpkins. She's funny....

I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I thought it was pretty funny. She was oblivious to the fact that she had a major wedgie.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My heart is heavy

It saddens me to write what I'm about to write. God has called our friends, Jake and Erica's twins home to join Baby AJ. Yesterday, Erica went into labor and both babies were born. Due to the premature nature they were not able to survive. Please lift them both up in prayer as they are dealing with something no parent should deal with, losing a child, much less three precious babies. I can't begin to imagine what they are feeling the emotions, the heartache, the anger, the hurt but I do know that we serve a mighty GOD and I can rest in the peace that all three of their children are cradled in the arms of our heavenly father. What better place would a parent want their child? It has been a rough and long road for them. I want to thank each of you for being a warrior in prayer for them and pray that you will continue to do so. We love you, Jake and Erica.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Swimming and Dinner....

Last night was Macy's swim evaluation.....She rocked it. They moved her up two levels. I kept telling them she was a fish. It just took her some time to get comfortable and used to her environment. She did great and the best part of it all is that I DON'T HAVE TO BE IN THE WATER WITH HER...She will start in her new class next week. Here are some pictures of her in her new class.... Being Silly... Here's a video so you can see her swimming.

She's does pretty good huh?

That was our excitement for the day and then I came home and tried a new recipe for dinner. Three Cheese tortellini.

It turned out really good and the best part is that my whole "picky" family ate it and loved it. Add that one to the books. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm planning on doing some painting...Fun times. Please keep Jake and Erica in your prayers.


TO PRAY...PRAY LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PRAYED BEFORE!! Jake and Erica need all prayer warriors to stand in the gap. Once again they are being faced with very difficult circumstances. Read here. My heart breaks for them but I know that MY GOD can heal and I can rest with the peace that MY GOD is in control. Please send them a message letting them know you are thinking about them and praying. We love you Jake and Erica.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prayer Warriors Respond...

I need you all again. Our friend's Jake and Erica are facing some difficult yet amazing time right now and need ALL the prayers we can send up on their behalf. So many of you have responded and I thank you all, as do they. Read here the latest on what's going on. I know that our ALMIGHTY healer is in complete control and has this family wrapped in his arms.
In other news and praise, my friend Chad and Kelly that I have mentioned on here numerous times found out that they are having a little girl. As you can remember, they lost their first born child, Brayden, in June. The ultrasound showed them that their baby girl is healthy. PRAISE THE LORD FOR ALL THINGS GOOD!! I love you all and thank you for helping me stand in the gap when these others are too tired. LOVE YOU!!

It was a SURPRISE!!

The girls are finally feeling better and back to normal...Too bad hubs has it now. I have lysoled EVERYTHING in this house, even him. HA! I put a barrier on myself in hopes that I don't catch it. I am bound and determined not to catch it. Although it wouldn't hurt to lose a few pounds just not the way I'd like to go about it. I've been trying for a while now to get over and see our friends The Murray's precious new son, Adam. Since he was a preemie, I don't want to take any chances on taking anything that we have to him. Hopefully soon we'll all be feeling better. I woke up early Monday morning with sore throat, sinus, headache, minor aches. My throat feels better but I still have the headache. I am attributing this CRAZY weather we have been having. It went from cold to hot again in a matter of 2 days. I can't believe we are still having 80 degree weather in November. I'm ready to open the windows and leave them open all day and have the cool, crisp air blow in. Hopefully soon.
My dad will be celebrating his 60th birthday this Friday. I can remember when I was young and thought that 60 was OLD. However, I look at my dad and see that it's just beginning. He is still a very active dad/papa. He still goes on his 4 wheeling adventures with his buddies. I'm talking serious 4 wheeling. He has been a wonderful father, a great example of a husband, and best of all the best PAPA my girls could ask for. He mushes over his two granddaughters.Dad and I spent LOTS of time together while I was growing up. I played softball from the time I was about 6 and on many teams he was my coach. Every weekend was spent at the ball fields together. I have always been a daddy's girl. I love you dad!! Happy Birthday! My mom threw him a surprise birthday party this past Sunday and since we had just been there the weekend before dad was not expecting us. I couldn't miss it so Madeline and I drove the 3 hours to surprise him. He had a number of friends old and new there to celebrate with him. He was totally shocked.

Here he is just walking in. He still has no clue.

What is going on? (these were the words out of his mouth)

We were all hiding in the front office and hallway for him to come in. He is thinking that my mom is having a small party with her girlfriends celebrating her new retirement. Little did he know.

Madeline giving Papa the picture she colored for him on the way there.

Getting a big squeeze from Papa. She is a papa's girl.

We had a great time and Madeline even got to play with Garrett again (her favorite part). She just adores him.

Garrett and Madeline.
Madeline and I then packed up and drove back home another 3 hours that night. 6 hours in one day was a lot of driving but it was worth the look and excitement on my dad's face. Madeline was a super companion too.
In other news this week has started off just like every other week here lately. I went outside to put a letter in the mailbox to mail when I find my flowerbeds flooded. Obviously a leak somewhere. Thinking it is probably just our irrigation system and something that hubs, ok our handy neighbor, can fix I wait to call the plumber. Our WONDERFUL neighbor digs down to find that it is NOT the irrigation but a main pipe deeper down. So we turn off the water to the house after everyone had gone to bed to keep it from leaking and flooding even worse. The plumber got here this morning and got straight to work...Look at this mess....

This was before the hole got even bigger. The poor guy was COVERED in mud and after working 3 hours, FINALLY got it fixed. A pipe seal had cracked and came loose. Who knows how long it had been that way. I'm just glad I saw it when I did. Apparently, there was a plant right on top of it and he thinks the root may have caused the seal to break. Good news is it's fixed and we have running water. You really take that for granted until you don't have it.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The moment you've all waited for.....

So what was Madeline for Halloween? Many of you guessed and one was correct. Without further ado, I give you....................................


Many of you had great guesses but it was Jami, that guessed correctly. Send me an email with your address, (I don't think I have your new one) so I can send you your prize. She guessed correctly because her daughter was the same thing. Can't wait to see pictures.
As you can see, Madeline was able to go trick or treating. After feeling like this

and this

all day she felt well enough (of course) to put on her costume and go trick or treating. I went to the church to volunteer at our big Halloween "Light up the Night" for an hour while hubs stayed with the girls and then we came home and took all the kids trick or treating. We weren't able to go to too many houses because after a little bit Madeline started to not feel well. Once we got home, got her out of her costume and into her jammies she threw up. Guess it was too much. At least she got to wear the costume and get some candy (even though she can't eat it for a few days). It was fun and there were hundreds of kids all over our neighborhood. Here are a few of the girls together.

Our neighbors/best friends have three children (16, almost 15, and 8). Their middle child, Colby and his friends dressed up last night so I thought I'd share a little bit of 15 year old boy humor. Check out these "pretty ladies"

This is Colby (he's like our son). We are so proud. HA!!
One last picture, here is sweet Macy hanging out in the recliner yesterday as you can see by the red cheeks not feeling so great either.

Hope you all had a great Halloween and have a SUPER weekend. Can you believe it's already NOVEMBER 1st?