Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Dr'.says...

I have a sinus infection (which I figured) and that the pain in my back looks to be muscle spasms. The muscles in my back, along with the minor arthritis I already have, are inflammed and so tight that it is causing spasms and the inflammation is putting pressure on the nerves causing the numbing in my arm and the pains down my back. She put me on a steriod pack and gave me some muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories so I should be feeling better soon. If those don't seem to help they are going to do another MRI and see if something has changed since I had the last one done in the summer of 2005. Please pray for some relief of the pain and that these medicines help. I have to get the house cleaned and the girls and myself packed for our trip to Oklahoma on Thurs. So that is that...Have a great rest of the week....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Not much going on...

We haven't had much going on but I know many of you are asking why no blog. I haven't been feeling very well the past few days. I'm having lots of trouble with my back again. I know, go to the dr.? I am in the morning at 10:30. Hopefully they can give me some insight as to why I'm having all this pain and why the headaches. I'll keep you posted. We had a lazy weekend around the house. All except for Saturday night when my neighbor and other neighbor(Daniele, she lives behind me and has two girls the exact same age as Madeline and Macy) went to dinner, brief shopping, and then to the movies to see 27 Dresses. Such a cute movie. I'm becoming what my mom calls me, "The Movie Critic" I have been 3 times in the past month. That's a record for me. I have really enjoyed going to. There are a lot of new movies that I really want to see so it looks like I may be going more often. However, I can't get over the price of admission...$9.00. WOW!! I don't have much more to say but I was looking through some pics and found these of the girls from this time last year....It's amazing how fast they grow. And to just think in a month Madeline will be FIVE. Enjoy the pictures and I'll let you know what I find out from the dr. I will also be in Oklahoma for 10 days starting this Thurs. Can't wait...Take care and have a great week all....

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful Weekend...

We had a fabulous weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we soaked up every ray of sunlight that we could. Brad went to the Men's breakfast at church EARLY saturday morning and then to play golf. In the meantime, the girls, along with my neighbor and her girls, went to the zoo. It was such a pretty day and we had a blast at the zoo. I will attach some pictures. Macy LOVED the zoo and watching all the animals until they started towards her and then it turned to her saying, "No, No, No." I had to explain that the animals could not get to her. We spent 4 hours there and were worn out when we left. That evening Madeline went with Rachel to the Parent's Night Out at her gymnastics gym. They were there from 7-MIDNIGHT. Brad and I, again along with our neighbors had a night out (JUST ADULTS) and enjoyed a yummy dinner at Pappasito's and then bowling. I have not bowled in years...and it showed. We had a great time. Oh, Friday Macy had her post-op appointment with the ENT specialist. Her ears looked great the doctor said. I was a little worried because she's had some congestion and she's cutting her eye teeth and normally anytime either of those two things happened she'd end up with an infection. It's good to know that the tubes are working. Have a wonderful week. Enjoy the pictures.

Macy wore the sunglasses the entire time.

Madeline and Rachel acting like monkeys.

Macy wanted to be just like the big girls and walk so they held her hands.

Macy watching the sharks in the tank. She was mesmerized by them.

Madeline and Rachel with the Komono Dragon.

These may have been Macy's favorite. She kept saying, "Tweet, Tweet>" to them.

Macy kept saying, "Dada, Dada" to this monkey. Her perception and mine of Brad are a lot different. HAHA!!

The day has ended and we are home. She was asleep before we got 3 blocks from the zoo.

Friday, February 1, 2008

She had us laughing so hard...

I'm sorry to disappoint you but I wasn't able to get any pictures of the girls at the dentist. Macy was not about to let me put her down with a lady coming at her with a mask over her face. Madeline went first to show little sister just how it's done. This was the first time that they have taken x-rays of Madeline's teeth. The dentist was very impressed with her and said her teeth and spacing looked great. It was now Macy's turn. She layed in the chair great until they turned the spot light on her mouth. That was it, she was DONE! I held her in my lap and they were able to get a good look at all her teeth and even able to clean them. She still has 4 teeth on bottom to come in and 4 on top. She has cut two of them but they are just barely showing through the gums. It went well and we'll see them again in 6 months. Yeah! Now for the who and why she made us laugh so hard. Madeline was quite the cowgirl last night. She was still pumped about western day when we got home from gymnastics that she went into her room and picked out her own "cowgirl outfit"

I'm not sure where she learned this pose. But she kept doing it over and over.She asked me if I had any gowgirl music so I put on some Shania Twain for her. She started doing this HILARIOUS walk and then told me, "This is how cowgirls walk." I said, "Who taught you that?" Her response was, (in a sorta snotty way) "I've know it for years." HAHA!! Where she comes up with this stuff I don't know. It was too good to pass up so I had to get a couple videos of it. One of these days she is going to die when she sees these. Sorry they are sideways. I'll hopefully learn how to post them correctly. They are at the bottom of this blog. Enjoy! She is 16 in a 4 year olds body. Oh the things Macy will learn from her. Speaking of Macy, I got down the spring/summer clothes of Madeline's to determine what I needed to start buying for her. She found the pair of Elmos pajamas and wanted to wear them the rest of the day. I'm not sure why she looks sad in this picture because she kept running around saying, "It Melmo, it Melmo." She loves Elmo. We also found the OSU cheerleading outfit and had to try it out with the pom poms.
That's all I have for now. Have a great weekend.

*Edit* Ugh!! I can't get the videos to show up. They show up when I preview the blog but then don't when I publish it. Can you see them or is it just me? I'll keep working on them, so stay tuned.