Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a weekend...

We didn't make it to the dentist on Friday. Madeline woke up really coughing and just didn't feel great so I cancelled their appointment till end of the month. So no pictures from the dentist...YET!! We started the weekend off welcoming one of my dear friends, Griffin, from Oklahome City. Her husband and Brad worked together at Arthur Andersen and then Ernst & Young. She also has two girls that are almost the same ages as Madeline and Macy. Her oldest, London is a year and 2 days younger than Madeline and her youngest, Campbell is 3.5 months younger than Macy. She got into town Friday evening and we ordered pizza and then after I got the girls to sleep we went to the movies, something I haven't done in forever. Actually, I did go to the movies two weekends ago and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks but other than that it's been close to a year that I have been to the movies. We saw P.S. I love you. OH MY!!! If you haven't seen that, girls grab your girlfriends, a BOX of tissues, good candy, and popcorn. It was a GREAT movie. We laughed so hard and cried so hard. Go see it though!!
We then got up Sat. morning and got Brad and the girls all settled before heading off for a day of shopping, eating, and being just plain girlie. We hit THREE different malls in Dallas, several boutique type stores, IKEA (a zoo in itself), went to dinner with her dad, and ended the night at Barnes and Noble looking at books. We stayed at her dad's house in Dallas. It was a great time and I'm SO GLAD we got to do it. Thanks Griffin, I need more days away like that.
Brad and the girls even made it just fine without me. Madeline went to the park with our neighbor and then to McDonalds for dinner. However, I did call to check in with the girls (mainly Brad) to make sure they were surviving and Madeline told me all about her BIG INJURY that she received while climbing the pecan tree at the park. Apparently she was climbing up the tree, slipped, and fell down the tree catching a stick above her lip on the way down. It didn't look very good when I got home this morning. She did tell me, "I don't think I can go to the dentist like this because it hurts to bad to open my mouth real wide." and "I can't go to school or gymnastics looking this way." but after she soaked in the shower for a bit it looked much better. So she felt much better about the way she looked when she saw how much better it looked. Here's the after picture:

After I got home this morning the girls, Griffin, and I went to lunch and to do a little bit more shopping. Griffin left this afternoon and it was back to reality. My parents are coming this Thursday to surprise the girls and staying through the weekend. They will get to go with me to pick them up at school and then watch Madeline at gymnastics. She will be so excited to show off for them. I need to get some pictures of my little gymnast too.
Just a few more pictures to laugh at.

Macy picked out her own bow and put it in herself.

Macy hugging Buford. Can't you tell he is thrilled. Poor Dog!

Buford happy he is still in one piece.
For those of you who don't know him, Buford is our adopted son who is almost 14 years old. He's the patient ones with the girls. Ok this post has been very random, so I'll leave you until next time...