Friday, January 25, 2008

All is well....

Macy has tubes. We left the house this morning at 6:00am and they actually started her surgery a little early. We were home by 9:00 am. Macy did very well. They gave her some nose drops to make her "not care about a thing" before the surgery. She was so funny. I just wished I had my video camera to record her. There was another little boy (17 months) in the curtain next to us who had gotten the drops at the same time as Macy. He was very mellow and just lying in his mom's lap watching Macy make the rest of us laugh. She was so silly. She kept laughing at herself, trying to talk and slurring, and hollering Madeline's name over and over. Oh she had us laughing. They took her back for surgery and then about 5 minutes later they came and got us and took us back to talk to the doctor. She said both ears were full of LOTS of thick mucus. So we are hoping to see a different child now. The hardest part was watching Macy come out of the anesthesia. She was crying, angry, and fighting us holding her. It was an awful feeling knowing there was nothing that you could do to help her understand or feel comforted. Plus the fact that she woke up at 2:30 am and didn't go back to sleep. She and I were both exhausted. We both came home and slept till 3:00. She is doing great now. Here she is. In this picture she just said "Cheese, with tubes in my ears" )the best that she could.