Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sorry for the delay...Here's the BIG news....

It's now OFFICIAL....we are moving back to Oklahoma. We are so excited to be rejoining ALL our family and old friends but VERY sad to leave behind the ones we've made here in Texas. I spent the first week after we found out crying myself to sleep at night. Sounds crazy, right? I mean, I'm getting to go back "home", be with all our family, be around my dear friends, and back in a familiar place. Why cry to sleep? It kills me to think about leaving my BEST FRIEND/neighbor. Kristie and I have become as close as two people can get. Our husbands laugh because we can finish each others sentences, we can each only say 1 word and completely know what the other is talking about, we help ourselves in each other houses, we are mothers to ALL our kids. It's going to be SO HARD when the time actually comes and we have to say GOODBYE!! However, to me it won't be a goodbye but a see you later. I know that we will ALWAYS stay close. I have said from the beginning of our friendship that it was a TOTAL GOD thing. He knew just what I needed in a friend when he placed her in my life. Her and the rest of her family will always be dear to us.

We are relocating back to Oklahoma because Hubs took a job there. It's a great job with a great company. I am very excited for him. The beginning of this year has been a VERY tough few months. He had lots going on and needed to get out of the job he was in. After LOTS of prayers, God's timing came perfectly. So now, the fun is beginning with trying to sell our home in a market that is not great. We will begin looking for a house in Oklahoma and pray to be in and settled before school starts back up in August. Madeline will be starting the 2nd grade next year which is very hard to believe. She's pretty nervous about starting a new school, making new friends, leaving her cheer team behind, and essentially starting over for her. Texas is really all she remembers as she was only 2 when we moved here.
Speaking of Madeline, she's been doing great. We have had no major headaches in awhile. (knock on wood) We are to see the neurologist in June to see what he thinks/recommends.
Please be in prayer for our family and we will be separated for a while. Hubs started his job yesterday and will be staying in Oklahoma and the girls and I will be staying in Texas until Madeline finishes school and we sell our house. We got it ready and listed last Tuesday. We've had quite a bit of lookers already. We even had one couple that looked at it twice on Sunday and are currently trying to get pre-approved. Again, praying for God's will and timing. It's hard being away from Hubs and the girls really miss him. Hopefully it won't be too long.
I'll let you know how the process is going.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

First, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother and mother in law. God truly blessed me with a mother loves her children like no other. I know that there have been times in the past 34 + years that my mom and I didn't get along too well (teenage years) but I know she loved me still. I know I was a hard child to get a long with. I thought I knew it all, I was self centered, and had a mouth that ALWAYS had to have the LAST word. I know how tiring that is because I've created a clone just like myself in my sweet Madeline Paige. My mom is my best friend. I wouldn't have made it through half the things I've been through in life without her. I hope I'm half the mom to my kids as she was/is to me. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Thirteen years ago, I was introduced to a wonderful women who two years later became my mother in law. She has been like a second mom to me and the best Gramme to my children. She accepted me into their family just like I was one of "them". She's always made me feel loved and appreciated. She's always there when needed and gives great advice. When times have been difficult she's been a shoulder to cry on. I couldn't imagine having someone besides her as a mother in law. God truly blessed me. I love you Diane.
We've had a great day as a family. We went to church, came home and had lunch as a family. I got to lay down and take a LONG nap with no interruptions. It was wonderful. The girls both made me lots of sweet cards and gifts. I have the sweetest girls. Thank you God for choosing me to be their mommy. My prayer is that I will always be what God intended me to be for them and that I may always make them proud.
Still have news to share but waiting for the right timing.....Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Will things ever get better?

Well I'm still here. After spending 2 weeks in and out of doctor offices and hospitals with Madeline, I got to go to the doctor last Friday because of myself. A couple of weeks ago I worked all day in our front flower beds making them beautiful. When I woke up the next day my body was EXTREMELY sore. I don't think I had ever been that sore in my life. (Tells you how badly I am out of shape). I also noticed that my right forearm/wrist was very painful and hosted a HUGE knot. I began to ice it and take ibuprofen to help it heal. That weekend I went to Oklahoma to help a dear friend of mine clean out her father and step mothers house. She lost her step mom in November and her dad past away the end of March. Please keep her and her brother and half siblings in your prayers. So needless to say, there was not much resting of my wrist. A week later it was still hurting intensly. So much so that at night I couldn't go to sleep from the pain. I FINALLY decided to bite the bullet and head to the dr. I find out that I have SEVERE tendinitis and it needs to be in a splint for possibly 4 weeks. This thing is not comfortable and it's HOT!! I can't do anything with it on, I guess that's the whole purpose of it. So that's me.

Then Sunday after church I went to pick Macy up from her class and get ready for our BIG celebration picnic (It was children's day at church). As soon as I saw her I knew that she was not feeling good. She's the child that all you have to do is look in her eyes and you can see it. She told me her head was hurting and she didn't feel good. She was running a fever too. Why is it ALWAYS on the weekend when they get sick? I waited till the next day to call the dr. She ran a 104 temp all night. Nothing was getting it down. I stayed up rubbing a cool cloth over her. We got in to the dr. and found out she had HERPANGINA. She had a rough couple of nights and days but today woke up fever free and feeling a lot better. She still has a little bit of sore throat but she actually ate some lunch.
Hopefully that will be it for a while.

Please continue to pray for our family as some big decisions are about to be made. Pray that it will be GOD'S will whatever we decide. More to come.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I took Madeline to the pediatric opthamologist on Thursday to see if it could be her eyes that were causing the headaches. The doctor said if she is having trouble seeing and her eyes are having to strain to see then that could definitely cause her to have headaches.

I was VERY impressed with the doctor we went to see, Dr. Michael Hunt. His office staff was very nice and professional. They were great with Madeline and asked lots of questions. When we got into the exam room there was a sign on the wall that said, "As Christian physicians, we welcome the opportunity to pray with our patients and their families. Please let us know if you would like us to pray with you." I was very impressed. It's not everyday that you go into a doctors office and see a sign like that.
The doctor looked at many different things pertaining to Madeline's eyes. They checked her eye sight, (she saw 20/20 in her right eye and 20/25 in her left) her depth perception, to see if her eyes were trying to cross, and the fluid around her optic nerve. All of these things looked completely normal at this time. So when she tells me she can't hear, ha, I know otherwise!!

So are next step at this point is to see the neurologist in June, the first available appointment they had. However, I'm thinking I may call our pediatrician and ask her about possibly having Madeline allergy tested to see if it could be just plain old allergies that could be causing these headaches. I know during allergy season my head hurts often. We'll see what she says. I'm hoping that soon we will have an answer.

In the meantime, we are gearing up for Macy's FOURTH birthday on May 9th, which also happens to be Mother's Day this year. I can't believe my baby is turning 4 already. Where has the time gone? She is super excited about her "princess" party. We won't have her party until the 15th. All our family is coming down to help us celebrate.

On May 16, Madeline, our oldest is getting baptized. It warms a parents heart when your child asks Christ to live in their heart and become a part of them. We are so excited for Madeline. She asked him into her heart back in January. We were praying before bed and she started asking a bunch of questions and said that she had been thinking about it and that she wanted him to live with her forever. I wanted to make sure she COMPLETELY understood what it meant so we sat down with our Children's minister at church and she discussed with her and asked Madeline a lot of questions. I can't wait till that day when I know that she will be with me FOREVER.

I'll post pictures after all the big events. Also, I'd like to ask that you be in prayer for our family as there may be some BIG changes in our near future. I can't say a whole lot right now but should know more in the NEAR future.

Till then........