Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

First, I want to say Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother and mother in law. God truly blessed me with a mother loves her children like no other. I know that there have been times in the past 34 + years that my mom and I didn't get along too well (teenage years) but I know she loved me still. I know I was a hard child to get a long with. I thought I knew it all, I was self centered, and had a mouth that ALWAYS had to have the LAST word. I know how tiring that is because I've created a clone just like myself in my sweet Madeline Paige. My mom is my best friend. I wouldn't have made it through half the things I've been through in life without her. I hope I'm half the mom to my kids as she was/is to me. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Thirteen years ago, I was introduced to a wonderful women who two years later became my mother in law. She has been like a second mom to me and the best Gramme to my children. She accepted me into their family just like I was one of "them". She's always made me feel loved and appreciated. She's always there when needed and gives great advice. When times have been difficult she's been a shoulder to cry on. I couldn't imagine having someone besides her as a mother in law. God truly blessed me. I love you Diane.
We've had a great day as a family. We went to church, came home and had lunch as a family. I got to lay down and take a LONG nap with no interruptions. It was wonderful. The girls both made me lots of sweet cards and gifts. I have the sweetest girls. Thank you God for choosing me to be their mommy. My prayer is that I will always be what God intended me to be for them and that I may always make them proud.
Still have news to share but waiting for the right timing.....Stay tuned!!