Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Weekend...

It was a busy weekend in our house this past weekend. Last week, Madeline took part in a cheer clinic put on by our local high school cheer and pom squads. She had a great time. During the week they learned a cheer and dance. They then got to present what they had learned during the week at halftime of the football game Friday night. She was super excited that LOTS of people would be watching her. I tried to video her but there were so many girls out on the field and with all the turns, leaps, kicks, jumps, etc it was impossible to record her so instead here are a few still shots of my beautiful girl.

The dance they learned was to Justin Bieber's "Baby, Baby" song. Hence why her shirt says "Bieber fever" on it.

Here you can see Madeline (back of her) talking to one of the pom girls.

Saturday was GAME DAY!! OSU (Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech). Lucky for us it was televised. We had my in laws over to watch the game and we grilled some hot dogs. I made a 7 layer dip , deviled eggs, and rice crispy treats (girls request) for dessert. My mother in law brought over a yummy chocolate chip cheesecake. Im not a big cheesecake fan (it's a texture thing) but it was pretty good I have to say.

This picture isn't from this weekend's game but I had to show you how cute our OSU family is. This is from a home game we went to early in the season. GO POKES!! We are 6-0, 2-0 in conference play. Next week is Homecoming week at Oklahoma State which is a VERY big deal. OSU is known for their homecoming festivities.

Sunday, we celebrated my birthday. Let's just say, for some reason this year was a hard one for me. I only turned 35 but I think it's because I'm on that back hill slide towards 40. UGH!! My sweet family let me sleep in (we missed church), brought me a donut in bed and let me be lazy all morning. In the afternoon we went to have a late lunch with my parents at their house.
We then took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch. They were so excited. It was a really neat place. They had lots for the kids to do. There was a petting zoo where you could pet and feed the animals, we got to watch a pig race, took lots of pictures, went through the corn field maze, the hay bale maze, went on a hayride, and lastly, we picked out our perfect pumpkins which our now decorating our front porch and flower beds. Needless to say, we were very dirty and went straight to the shower when we got home. Enjoy our trip to the pumpkin patch,

Our family before going into the pumpkin patch!!

The girls riding the "tire horses".

Silly Macy. I don't know why but she thinks she has to "pose" for EVERY picture.

My sweet Madeline. Isn't she beautiful?

The girls at the beginning. Again, Macy is posing!

Madeline feeding the baby goat.

I think this was Macy's favorite part. However, she was a little stingy with her food. The goat would put its nose in her cup to get food and if it got ONE piece, it was done. HA!!

Petting the soft bunnies.

This must have been the "pose" for the day.

Madeline is my TALL child.
The girls found their way through the hay maze. They were SO excited. I think they thought we might be stuck in there forever.

Hubs and the girls going through the corn maze.

The girls were trying to decide which way to go.

The corn maze. We were "lost" in the there for about 30 minutes.

Waiting on the hay ride (dust ride) to begin.

Posing with the Peanut characters.

We had a BLAST!! Love this time of year. Happy Fall Y'all